An unexpected comedy gem.

I went into this movie thinking it was just a family/kids film, but found myself unable to stop laughing throughout. For one, James Franco is the funniest unintentional comedian of all time. Also every time I saw the bald munchkin whipping the horse and screaming, I could not stop laughing. Did anyone else find this movie really funny, or am I the only one?
David Sleep
03-19-2013 01:07 PM

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David Lo Pan

EntertainMeOrDie .

I lost my shit when he was smiling really really tightly that it looked as though his mouth might snap off of his face.

Apr 15 - 07:50 PM

John Quiggins

John Quiggins

The only reason Franco was unintentionally funny was that he was acting so badly you had to laugh. I guess it's great that OZ has become a comedy. Never particularly thought that it was supposed to be. But, in today's world of simple-minded entertainment. I guess a comedy is what people want now. CGI monkeys and pratfalls. I can only hope this is what Baum envisioned. If not... hey, at least it's a comedy.

Apr 8 - 05:00 AM

Sean P.

Sean Patrick

Agree ^ This film seemed rushed... And I don't necessarily mean plot-wise. But, it seems like the product of moviemakers who ran out of time to film it. The CGI interactions suck like you wouldn't believe from this era, the story is hampered by awful acting, and we have yet another lackluster score composed by the fruitless Danny Elfman. Seriously... Danny Elfman must work for cheap. Because he continues to put out crappy soundtracks.

Apr 9 - 09:00 PM

Hunter Primm

Hunter Primm

World od simple minded entertainment? I'm 13 and I prefer the thought provoking movies to the popcorn flicks or straight up comedies. We still have some brilliant directors who prefer to make those kind of movies as well. I guess that's just me then.

Apr 14 - 04:56 PM

Hunter Primm

Hunter Primm

of*. Sorry

Apr 14 - 04:56 PM

David Tanny

Big Fat Jewish Guy

The humor was intentional. It's Sam Raimi.

May 11 - 04:56 PM

Ash Gilmore

Ash J. Gilmore


Jun 13 - 06:49 AM

Marco Chaudry

Marco Chaudry

The China Girl and Monkey were priceless. Was Franco's performance as Oz meant to be intentionally hilarious or was it meant to be okay? Cause his acting in this was not that great, but was it meant to be like that? If so, he did a pretty good job at it XD

Apr 4 - 07:03 PM

Hans W.

Hans Wiedemann

Yes! Throughout the whole movie, my friends and I couldn't stop laughing! Every time Kunis said something... it was so funny. Also when china girl randomly pulled out a knife... haha this movie was great.

Apr 1 - 08:37 PM

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