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August 17, 2014
(First and only full viewing - In my mid-twenties)
½ August 15, 2014
Loved this movie when I was little. Just watched it recently and realized it wasn't as good as I remembered but I can see how it captured my imagination when I was little
July 18, 2014
I was satiated as a kid but not as a teen
June 9, 2014
Extremely under-rated film.
April 18, 2014
Love this film from my childhood! Every time I see it it makes me want to read the classics. I believe every kid should watch this film ah least once.
April 13, 2014
A whimsical journey through several books in the genres of adventure, fantasy, and horror. Visually delightful and altogether fun. Haven't enjoyed myself quite so much since I was Rich's age.
½ February 19, 2014
Watched this when younger. But can't find it on dvd.
½ February 10, 2014
A joke of a film. Couldn't even finish it.
January 11, 2014
December 23, 2013
This is a really cute movie
December 19, 2013
The Pagemaster combines real life with CG and traditional animation to create a wonderful adventure film that takes a boy who's afraid of the world and turn him into a swashbuckling adventure seeker.
This film may very well be one of the last films to use traditional animation (pen and paper, cell, etc.) and brought forth a spectacular team in order to pull it off. The live action comes from Macaulay Culkin (at the height of his career) and Christopher Lloyd so both are fantastic. The CG, while dated by todays standards, still looks quite good and was created from scratch having to create and program new materials in order to blend the animation with the live action. The traditional animation portions of the film brought forth animators who had worked on such films as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and An American Tail among others. Combined with the voice talents of the 2 live action stars, Frank Welker and everyone in Star Trek (Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy), The Pagemaster does a lot right.
Unfortunately the story, while having the right idea, is a little simple. The adventure pulls from some of the classic tales and for adults these should be easy to figure out (often the name is included in the dialogue somewhere) but for children, they might not understand the significance of each sequence. While this doesn't make the film bad, I do think having some knowledge of the stories helps the film. With no knowledge, this film turns into sequence after sequence of mini adventures where there never really is any sense of danger or difficulty.
There is a weird misplaced musical montage 3/4 of the way through the film. While I understand their desire to include a theme song that they can use to sell the film, it felt out of place considering the lack of songs through the rest of the film.
I would have liked The Pagemaster to have been a little longer and had it given more emphasis on danger and the evils Culkin's character had to face but as this is for kids and already took 3 years to make (traditional animation isn't quick) I understand the need to cut it short. Part Wizard of Oz, The Pagemaster is an often forgotten film that while not fantastic or very memorable, doesn't deserve to be forgotten.
½ November 29, 2013
Why the hell is this movie rated so low? I dont get it.
½ November 24, 2013
I remember once seeing this some time back, and I was so sad about not knowing the title because I really loved this movie from first to last.
I liked the whole premise of the adventure, and watching it now when I'm older I can appreciate the details even more. I think the animation is great, especially considering this is a 90's movie, and I really like the different personalities of the books as well as the journey itself.
I also found I absolutely loved The Pagemaster's design when I noticed the little details (beard made of pages, blue robe representing a hardcover while the under dress looks like pages inside said hardcover).
I think this has a nice charm to it and it has its own humor. I definitely laughed more than once while watching it, while enjoying the classics the four friends crossed on their way to the exit.
October 15, 2013
Such a good premise and they RUIN IT! The book puns are funny.
October 11, 2013
On paper (no pun intended), the premise of this live action/animated hybrid is fantastic: a boy escapes into a library where he finds himself journeying through many famous pieces of literature, from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to Moby Dick to Treasure Island to Mother Goose Land, and ultimately, a fight with a ferocious dragon. Unfortunately, the film only marginally realizes its concept. The animated sequences are flat and lack fluidity, and the film rushes at such a breakneck pace that it's hard to get emotionally involved in the story. It doesn't help that the main character, as played first in real life then in animation by Macaulay Culkin, is a hopelessly inept scaredy-cat. We know that he has to overcome his fears by "seizing courage", but the film doesn't go above or beyond that. The most inspired scenes in the film involve a clever twist for fighting the dragon, and Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg are a lot of fun as the hero's talking book companions, but overall, THE PAGEMASTER is just an average, nothing special animated film that doesn't linger in one's mind as much as it should. It's not a BAD movie by any means, but it's not great either. The message of imagination through reading IS a valuable one though.
September 29, 2013
A thinly sketched live-action/animation film that is overloaded with literature references, but does not have any imagination or inspiration of its own.
½ September 23, 2013
The Pagemaster doesn't quite gel into the classic children's fantasy it obviously wanted to be, but there's still a lot here to enjoy, especially if there are younger children in the home. Some of the references here are obviously geared toward adults (check out Richie hoisting a giant copy of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged for one such moment), but kids will no doubt love the animation and the goofy trio of books who accompany Richie on his adventures.
August 12, 2013
This Animation From 1994, Has A Good Concept & Delivers On The Entertainment Level Quite Well.
The Film Tells us about A Young Boy, Who Focuses On Accident Statistics, Making Him Very Unpopular. One Day He Decides To Hide In The Library From A Storm, Once There He Meets The Pagemaster Who sends Him Into Classic Novels To Complete Tasks Before He Can Return To Real Life. This Sort Of Story Was Only Done By The Never Ending Story At The Time, And Is An Often Forgot About Cult Children's Classics.
½ August 8, 2013
It still holds up after all these years with a heartwarming adventurous story and clever literary references abound that I actually got this time around (the "Atlas Shrugged" imagery was brilliant).
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