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September 30, 2015
J'ai regardé ce film. Les couleurs, les images, le paysage, les costumes, etc. tous sont magnifiques. Il y a aussi deux histoires d'amour compliqués mais très belles là-dedans. Les séquences d'action, souvent réalisées en slow-mo, sont satisfaisants. Ce film réponse tout à ce que j'attends d'un film fantastique.
August 26, 2015
An Asian movie with a happy ending! This is a rare gem indeed! I loved it!
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½ August 9, 2015
There's sometimes when I decide to watch a film in two sittings, something I rarely do, it sometimes works in that film's favor, particularly if it's a bad movie. Like if I had to sit a bad movie in one sitting, I'd be pissed. But watching it in two sittings would sort of alleviate some of that badness. It'd still be bad, but I'd probably review it more favorably in comparison. I did that with this film, considering that it was long and it was tired, and, somehow, it didn't actually work in favor of the film. I think it actually detracted from it. And I have no idea why, cause I left the movie off at, probably, the most important point plot-wise with the princess rejecting the Chinese Empire's order to marry the prince of the Tian Lang state, I believe that's what they were called. So I left it at a tense moment that moves the story forward in a big way and yet when I came back to it, I just didn't really get that into it. And it's not like I was that into it prior to stopping it. I mean, I guess there's some cool scenes, like the scene where the fox demon and the princess switch skins, this was actually a really cool scene, visually. It reminded me of parts of Under the Skin. But the story itself didn't really do anything for me. The female characters in the film, for the most part, are poorly portrayed. And by that I mean that they all live for men. Their entire lives revolve around men and being accepted and loved by men that, seemingly, don't want them. Look, it's not that women can't fall in love in films, it's the portrayal of them only living to get the man they love is pretty outdated, to put it nicely. Like I said, strong, independent women can fall in love, but not the way this film does it. And it's particularly lame considering that the three women leads are actually really cool characters in bursts. And it's not like the narrative itself is that good. It's a melodramatic romantic martial arts fantasy epic. I suppose it works with the film's over-the-top style, but it didn't really do anything for me. I'd much rather see actual character development instead of melodrama, but it's the style they chose to go with here, so it is what it is. One thing I will say is that the costume design is pretty amazing. It's one of those thankless jobs, where no one really notices or pays any attention to it, but I do think it is pretty amazing here. And the film does have some pretty cool moments. I wouldn't really even call it a bad movie. I'd just say it's average at best. It's got good acting, the three women leads are all good. It's just that the narrative, and the characterization, brought a lot of it down. It's not a bad film, but the good stuff in the film just isn't good enough to overcome its flaws and that's why I gave it this rating. Wouldn't recommend it, but you could do worse.
July 12, 2015
An entertaining supernatural drama that takes place on the edge of China. The effects aren't always top-notch, but the story is fascinating. Two animal spirits/demons eat human hearts and can transform into beautiful women. More drama and romance than I would have liked, but the direction and costumes are great.

Wear a blindfold? No way! Sword to the eyes, of course!
½ July 7, 2015
A love story told in a fantasy setting with some martial arts type skirmishes thrown in to keep it from be dreary. Lavishly shot with a wonderful color palette. Convincing acting also. The story is simple and yet deep at the same time. Is beauty on the inside or outside or both. Can love overcome disfigurement (though I didn't think her scars looked bad at all)? Better than average.
March 1, 2015
I really couldn't believe how good this was. The imagery and story were so amazing. Sure, it wasn't the best thing ever but I was very impressed. Also - there are almost no movies about this sort of thing that actually pull it off with a nice story. I won't soon forget this movie.
January 23, 2015
This is something really different from western fantasy movies, other then telling a war story, this is more of a break down between different parties because their wish ether clash with one another, or fobbed by their rule...
A spirit fox who want to be a human, and a princess who will give up everything to regain her beauty... This might be some strange node that the western movies hardly step on, but is fairly common in Asian stories, which make this movie a fairly nice refresher from most of the "standard" western style fantasy movies.

On other hand... I'll simply watch it for Amano Yoshitaka's art design... FYI, that is the Art God who is behind every Final Fantasy...
½ January 11, 2015
Chaotic story telling, if there's even one to tell.
½ July 12, 2014
Terrific Kung fu action and story
½ June 30, 2014
we'll this was very confusing. the subtitles definitely were wrong.

however a happy ending again just like the first movie. only difference was the demon turned into a ghost and was imprisoned. she was then save by the princess and I assume instead of falling in love with the general like in the first movie she fell in love with the princess.
March 24, 2014
This Chinese fantasy is visually stunning, with all the costumes and sets quite beautiful. The female leads are amazing, and its refreshing to see. The plot is also absorbing and interesting, though the pacing is slow and it could benefit from more action. Still, an engrossing and enjoyable film.
January 3, 2014
I was entertained but i'd still say it was just average for this KIND of film. It looks great but it's in dire need of some editing to slim it down. It's a neat fairy tale and the movie has some good/original ideas (for me) but just weighed down by too much down time. With the right tweaks here and there I'd easily bump it up to a 4 star.
January 1, 2014
This is a beautifully shot film, though there are slight inconsistencies if this film is regarded as a sequel to the 2008 Painted Skin. Its translation into English is good, so for bilingual viewers it's nice to see that the original meaning and beauty of the words are not lost. The ending involving Quer is somewhat ambiguous as one questions what has happened to her. Overall, a very nice film with stunning scenes and is well-paced.
December 19, 2013
Completely trashy and amazing; like the unloading of a 13-year-old girl's subconscious... albeit one really fond of slow-motion and deliciously womanist.
December 6, 2013
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½ November 10, 2013
Crap from beginning to end. Subpar special effects, subpar slow mo action and a sketchy Script under cut the acting and anything the director set out to do.... Or not do.
½ October 9, 2013
What a love story zeg !
½ September 1, 2013
This new version of Painted Skin is a bit better than its predecessors. Directed by the zany Wuershan (Butcher, Chef, and the Swordsman), Painted Skin: The Resurrection has some good acting and solid fight scenes. There is also a small hint of humanity for the seductress demons, so their plight to need to either consume or have a mortal fall in love with them makes them empathetic and not entirely evil. This is due to the introduction of Tan Liang army, which offer some solid fight scenes in the middle of the film. There isn't much action in the climax, but this energetic fantasy is a visual feast.
½ August 17, 2013
Not bad at all, very well made Chinese fantasy about a Fox demon that wants to become human... magical mysterious fun.
½ August 15, 2013
Amazing and beautiful visuals and an extraordinary cast of characters make this sequel to 2008's Painted Skin a true fantasy adventure. A bit lengthy, but if you can sit back and let yourself be consumed by the story, you won't regret it.
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