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½ August 6, 2016
Imagine you begin filming a documentary, and suddenly an event causes the subject of your documentary to become international news - filled with negative connotations. What do you do? This experienced documentarian made the events of the Tohukô earthquake and tsunami, and the self-searching of all involved, a part of this film. I think his gamble worked out quite well.

The best viewpoint of this doc is Mr. Stone's own voice in the Director's Commentary. Just be open to allowing your own opinions be swayed when emotions become confronted by facts.
½ July 16, 2016
If You're Not Shocked By This, You Really Haven't Thought Long & Hard About Alternative Energy. I Knew A Lot Already, But This Doco Still Surprised Me, With It's Narrative Being Incredibly Confronting But Also A Poignant Question Humanity Will One Day Need To Answer, How Much Longer Can We Utilise Coal, Gas & Oil In Place Of The Number One Clean, Infinite Energy. One Finger Nails Worth Of Plutonium Equates To 150,000 Barrels Of Oil In Energy Output.. But Unfortunately, That Energy Also Has Great Responsibility That Must Be Adhered Too. That Is The Big Sting In The Uranium Atom-Splitting Tail.
February 10, 2016
I was glad for this documentary. There was lots in there that backed up many things I already thought or learned. Nuclear isn't the boogie man that it's purported to be. It's far from perfect. But the fastest way off of coal & oil is through nuclear. Even with disaster, it still cause way less harm than fossil fuels. I'm going to have to watch this one again. I'm fascinated with the topic.
October 10, 2015
This is a good summary of the state of things, but there's not enough information to convince anyone who's not already in favor of nuclear energy. The ignorance surrounding nuclear power is vast, and this unfortunately doesn't do much to dispel it...
August 19, 2015
Probably the most important documentary to come out in the past two decades. Even if you are someone who is anti-nuclear power, this will at least open up your perception of what you believe. Remember: if you can't even listen to or respond to your antithesis, then you're just projecting your insecurity of your own opinion.
January 27, 2015
Interesante punto de vista a favor de la energĂ­a nuclear, explicado y detallado por ex-activistas antinucleares.
½ January 8, 2015
Suosittelen, varsinkin energiantuotannosta kiinnostuneille.
December 19, 2014
An eye-opening look at the hard science of nuclear power which will likely upset some of your current convictions about it. Very worth watching.
November 2, 2014
Diferent point of view about nuclear energy. Good part compares all kinds of energy and the miths about nuclear energy. Suspicious part: the speach is all good!
September 26, 2014
Views like a propaganda film rather than an actual investigation. Very hard to trust any information given. Maybe everything is true - but how am I supposed to know when only one side is shown?
August 27, 2014
A case PRO Nuclear Energy : It argues this is the main alternative to fossil energy and dismisses an all renewable solution as an illusion.
½ August 25, 2014
In retrospect, I view this as a pro-nuclear perspective doco, rather than entirely without bias. Lynas' move from anti- to pro-nuclear is interesting, composite footage of Caldicott is cringeworthy. To be viewed as part of a larger picture. A special highlight for me - the aesthetically pleasing footage of abandoned power plants.
August 16, 2014
slow at points but sobering subject.
June 28, 2014
Shifting the nuclear energy conversation for a high energy consuming and soon-to-double world population.
½ June 25, 2014
Very strong (and a little bit manipulative) pro-nuclear message with solid supporting scientific arguments but not dramatic enough to convince the larger public, I suppose, especially when the filmmakers are so nice that they tried to avoid demonizing the (often stupid) environmentalists and their nonsense arguments. A very good goodwill messenger for nuclear power but still far from a persuasive one.
June 25, 2014
Pandora's Promise was pretty good. However, for a movie with such a direct message, there was no call to action which made it feel like a missed opportunity.
June 24, 2014
A well-produced, informative film that leaves you just shy of wondering if it's been paid for by the Nuclear Energy Industry itself.
March 30, 2014
Outstanding in every way - an important film
March 27, 2014
This documentary is an eye opener of how far nuclear power generation has progressed and how slowly we, as a society, have come to realize that this is probably the best bet for clean, renewal and abundant energy for our power hungry lifestyle and ever growing population.
March 24, 2014
Worthy look at nuclear energy as a real environmentally safe and effective energy source.
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