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April 15, 2016
...all the shivering intensity and satisfying denouement of the darkest Grimm's fairy tale.
Nigel Andrews
Financial Times
November 12, 2014
Bewitchingly bonkers.
Christopher Tookey
Daily Mail (UK)
November 12, 2014
Pan's Labyrinth isn't a total success, but it confirms that del Toro is one of the few genuinely visionary directors working today. And his best may still be to come.
Peter Bradshaw
November 12, 2014
It's so audacious and so technically accomplished, and arrives here garlanded with so many radiant superlatives, that I wish I liked it more.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
Margaret Pomeranz
At the Movies (Australia)
November 12, 2014
[del Toro's] creatures are just wondrous!
Full Review | Original Score: 4.5/5
David Stratton
At the Movies (Australia)
November 12, 2014
The story is a compelling and deeply involving one, and the film is both beautiful, exciting, and sometimes horrifying. The creature effects are superbly handled.
Full Review | Original Score: 4.5/5
Graham Young
Birmingham Mail
November 12, 2014
The cinematography and creature effects are terrific, while the subtitles never get in the way of the story which follows young girl Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) into a nether world which will test her to the limit with a series of dangerous tasks.
Marta Jary
FILMINK (Australia)
November 12, 2014
Haunting and visually spectacular, this Spanish fable is not a story for children so much as an illustration of the blurred line between reality and daydreams that manifests with such resonance in childhood.
Philip French
Observer (UK)
November 12, 2014
In this magical and immensely moving film del Toro presents both the narrative strands as equally real, equally plausible.
Filip Vukcevic
IGN Movies
November 12, 2014
This is an amazing work of cinema by any estimation, and is by far one of the most original and memorable films in recent memory.
Nicholas Barber
Independent (UK)
November 12, 2014
It's less of a labyrinth than a forest path, one that takes you through wonderful scenery but doesn't lead anywhere.
Ryan Gilbey
New Statesman
November 12, 2014
We are never allowed to get truly lost in Pan's Labyrinth. The fantasy sequences are fetching when they should be intoxicating, while the scenes above ground are largely prosaic.
Helen Cowley
Little White Lies
November 12, 2014
Watching the unique explosions of Guillermo del Toro's mind realise themselves on screen is truly astounding.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/5
Angelina Conti
Philadelphia Weekly
November 12, 2014
With strong performances by much of the cast, particularly the young Baquero, and almost-seamless special effects, the praise is well earned.
Full Review | Original Score: A-
Bill Gibron
November 12, 2014
It sinks deep into your soul and surprises you with its bravery and warmth. As harsh as it is human, filmmaking doesn't get any more enlightened than this.
Full Review | Original Score: 10/10
Aaron Mesh
Willamette Week
November 12, 2014
We are left with the unsettling knowledge that, in the universe crafted by Guillermo del Toro as well as in our own, we are always surrounded by monsters.
Matt Holmes
What Culture
November 12, 2014
I feel as if I've seen not only the best fantasy movie for ages but also probably the best horror film.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
Matt Soergel
Florida Times-Union
November 12, 2014
Pan's Labyrinth seems as if it has a direct, unfiltered link to the horrors that can haunt a child's mind. It'll likely lurk in yours for weeks to come.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4
Brian Gibson
Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)
December 27, 2013
Grotesque and macabre thrills here, but not a fantasy-masterpiece. There's a drawn-out-ness to the plot that extends to the time-period being overdrawn. Captain Vidal's an overstated fatherland fascist; the political history becomes morbid melodrama.
Corey Hall
Metro Times (Detroit, MI)
November 26, 2013
This remarkable film spins a yarn about a little girl trapped between a dream world of ghouls and real-life monsters during the Spanish Civil War, and it works remarkably well, simultaneously enchanting and horrifying with almost every frame.
Full Review | Original Score: A+
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