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Paper Moon Quotes

  • Addie Loggins: I need to go to the shithouse.

  • Addie Loggins: I want my two hundred dollars.
    Cafe Waitress: What do you say, Daddy? Why don't we give Precious a little dessert if she eats her dog?
    Trixie Delight: Hurry up, Doctor. This baby gots to go winky tinky!
    Moses Pray: Well, she ain't my grown-up and I ain't plannin' no more to sit in the back. Not for no cow!
    Leroy: Will you keep your voice down? And Miss Delight ain't no cow. She's a proper woman. She has a high school diploma. And right now she's got to go to the bathroom, so you get on down to the car!
    Trixie Delight: I just don't understand it, Daddy, but this little baby has got to go winky tinky all the time.
    Addie Loggins: said to Moses: No, I don't know what it is, but if you got 'em, it's a sure bet they belong to somebody else!

  • Moses Pray: "Don't you think I have any scruples?"
    Moses Pray: Don't you think I have any scruples?
    Addie Loggins: "Well, if you do, it's a sure bet they belong to someone else!"
    Addie Loggins: Well, if you do, it's a sure bet they belong to someone else!

  • Moses Pray: Eat your Coney Island!
    Moses Pray: Eat you're Coney Island!

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