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September 10, 2011
I like this movie's description...
June 14, 2008
Interesting, depressing but something is dramatically lacking. Great intentions; and an informative example of social structure in some American sub-culture.
½ December 14, 2007
Rife with good intentions and noble thoughts, "Parallel Sons" falls short of its dramatic quotient with an awkwardly constructed narrative and ill-defined characterizations. A racial fish-out-of-water tale, it plays more like a classroom discussion-starter than theatrical fodder.
½ August 10, 2007
Talk about gay interracial love...quite impressive for a movie made in 1995.
June 25, 2007
For a very low-budget movie with no-name stars the acting isn't bad, but the storyline is clunky, unbelievable and predictable.
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