Nov 27, 2019
Non-stop intrigue that will have you on the edge of your seat, Paranoia connects on every level.
Aug 14, 2018
Paranoia is far from original, but it still boasts a great cast, some suspense, and entertainment.
Jul 23, 2014
It's slickly directed by Robert Luketic even though it's all pretty unbelievable. But in fact I rather enjoyed it.
Mar 7, 2014
With a strong cast and striking production values, this thriller is sleek enough to hold our interest even if corporate espionage isn't a very exciting topic for the movies.
Sep 5, 2013
Aussie director Robert Luketic's clever fingerprints are all over the film, with its dictating pace, well maintained tension - but above all, his flair for casti
Aug 17, 2013
Not an original bone in its body -- but there's always something to be said for a great cast.
Aug 16, 2013
The twists are inevitable, the turns come from a mile away, but a surprisingly charming and humble Hemsworth becomes a reliable interface for the old mechanics.
Aug 14, 2013
A corporate thriller that offers juicy roles for Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. Not terribly original but entertaining.