Paris, Texas Reviews

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January 6, 2003
December 16, 2018
Surely the film lacks pure authenticity but in its place, we are met with spellbinding subtlety, equal parts poetic and mundane.
June 18, 2018
Though Paris, Texas is the most interesting American film I've seen all year, it is finally not a success.
May 24, 2017
...this vision of America is one of vast landscapes and fluorescent signs, the latter being almost as visually poetic as the former.
March 18, 2015
The acting, Robby Mller cinematography, music and tone carry the day ...
October 16, 2013
[VIDEO ESSAY] Written by Sam Shepherd, and adapted by L.M. Kit Carson, the linear story for "Paris, Texas" contains the hallmarks of Shepherd's characteristic dramatic themes...
February 14, 2010
one of Wenders's best films, a stirring portrait of people striving against their disconnect that resists simple answers even as it rewards our emotional investment.
January 26, 2010
One of the few films that has captured the beauty of the American southwest in all its rolling desert glory.
January 24, 2010
Paris, Texas belongs to the rare tradition of American art that, along with Robert Altman's 3 Women and David Hockney's Pearblossom Highway, actually fills me with nostalgic love for the sleepy Southwest.
January 24, 2010
Paris, Texas may be missing a crucial piece of authentic Americana, but it still evokes an America most Americans yearn to gaze on.
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