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August 25, 2015
Love this movie It's got sorta of a bittersweet Plot to it, It's a very inspiring movie,The acting is great, and the movie is very realistic!
August 3, 2013
One of the best films of the year!!
August 3, 2013
Wonderful movie!! Very good acting and great story! Definitely see her again!!
July 29, 2013
Put simply, this movie is about an older guy, down on his luck, living out of his car. He meets a much younger guy, also down on his luck, who is very different. They get to know each other and blah blah blah stuff happens. Nothing special. 6/10
July 17, 2013
I thought this was a beautiful, poignant story wonderfully acted.
½ November 30, 2012
The film takes dramatic material that sounds fairly standard-issue to begin with and proceeds to uncover precious little of genuinely fresh intrigue within it.
March 16, 2013
One of the best movies ever.
December 3, 2012
Having been homeless like this, I'd like to see Colm Meaney in this not-so-much fantasy.
½ May 29, 2012
really more a drama then a comedy good effort but really there could be so much more.
March 19, 2012
Really good movie, don't expect to be laughing out loud though.
March 1, 2012
Neither happy nor sad; Neither told nor untold; This movie just can't find its place.
October 16, 2011
Up until now, it‚(TM)s been a pretty amazing year for Irish film. The Irish film industry has had success after success. Enjoyable movie, after enjoyable movie. And I‚(TM)m really glad to say that trend is now continuing, thanks to Parked.

It‚(TM)s the story of Fred (Colm Meaney) who lives in his car, in a seaside car park. A man of few words and at the same time a man who‚(TM)s face tells a thousand tales. In between failed attempts at signing on the dole and successful fiddling with clocks, Fred‚(TM)s existence is as barren as the ocean landscape he see‚(TM)s through his windscreen. That is until Cathal (Colin Morgan) turns up, complete with his own car and drug addiction. Cathal almost instantaneously brightens up Fred‚(TM)s bleak little world and the two become close friends, getting into a scrape or 2 along the way. As they grow closer, Cathal encourages Fred to ask out Jules, an attractive music teacher, and at the same time Fred attempts to get Cathal clean and sober.

There‚(TM)s only one way to describe Parked. And that‚(TM)s mesmerizing. Firstly, this isn‚(TM)t the type of role many people are used to seeing Colm Meaney in. Whilst Parked has a few comedic moments, these are quite natural, and not in the usual ‚Jaaayyyyssssuuuussss‚? Meaney style. His face just sucks you into his world and within the first few minutes, you are genuinely feeling sorry for character and are completely rooting for him. At times, Colm Meaney‚(TM)s performance is almost hypnotic. It‚(TM)s almost like a real life documentary at times, and that is testament to a really, award winning performance. I‚(TM)d go as far as saying, it‚(TM)s Meany‚(TM)s best performance to date. His on screen counterpart is played by Colin Morgan, who again, is equally outstanding. His portrayal of a junkie is incredibly honest and heart warming at times. And if there was ever a huge star in the making, Morgan is it.

At 94 minutes, Parked isn‚(TM)t exactly what you‚(TM)d call a long movie. But, man, do you get value for money. There‚(TM)s not a moment goes by where it‚(TM)s not evoking some emotion out of the audience. It‚(TM)s gripping. It‚(TM)s heart warming and heart breaking. It‚(TM)s incredibly well timed, given the current economic climate . And for me, and I don‚(TM)t know why, there is something genuinely magical seeing Colm Meaney on the streets of Dublin (albeit short lived). From a directorial point, Darragh Byrne seems to make every second count and the performances he has gotten out his cast is phenomenal.

It‚(TM)s a movie that tragically, won‚(TM)t be for everybody as It is quite dark, in tone and style. If I had to be really critical, I would have like to get a bit more background to Meaney‚(TM)s character and it feels slightly rushed towards the end. That aside, this is a movie that will have a profound effect on the those who go to see it. And whilst it‚(TM)s not something I‚(TM)d be rushing out to watch again, it leaves such a mark, it doesn‚(TM)t matter. It‚(TM)ll be parked in your head for some time to come! A must watch!
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