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½ June 28, 2013
The stupidity cracks me up.
July 3, 2009
Assante gives a good performance as Jack Cunningham who is caught in the middle of a drug bust in which he tried to stop a cop from getting killed but was framed.Good story and Armand proves he is a top notch actor.
September 12, 2004
Partners in Action, one word comes to mind and the word is crap-on-a-stick being poked mighty near to your eye. The film is a buddy picture, between a grandfather type ex cop turned security guard who witnesses a drug deal between criminals and the local cops, as usual the security guard is pinned with the deaths of the cops.

Somehow the builtproof vest was only able to slow down the bullet enough to knock the geriatric out, long enough for a thug wanna be white boy to find him and drag him into his basement, however before the gimp shows up the cops are called, and the aged rent a cop convinces the boy to help him escape, and the movie segways poorly into a buddy picture, but without the talking pie that can mysteriously travel back in time for some reason.

The tedious plot trudges on as the boy and miser are able to reconcile their differances, defeat the bad guys, and find meaning and value in an otherwise pointless existance, one can only hope that one of the few stray bullets fired during the film hits the viewer in the head saving them from wasting 92 minutes of their lives, at least hit them in the eye reducing the agony that is this film.
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