A Tree of Palme (Parumu no Ki) Reviews

December 6, 2005
April 9, 2005
Very deserving of attention.
April 9, 2005
A heady, dense metaphor for everything from the struggle for self-knowledge and personal growth to the aging process.
March 4, 2005
Hints of greatness are subverted by frenetic plotting and sensory overload.
March 4, 2005
(T)he sprawling journey tends to bog down in complicated exposition... and the animation is surprisingly limited for all of its inventive and impressive imagery.
February 18, 2005
It's visually creative, but doesn't stand out among other animes, and its 136-minute running time is about 30 minutes too long.
February 11, 2005
Measure for measure, none of A Tree of Palme really goes anyplace that fairy tales or anime haven't previously been.