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January 15, 2020
It's rare for being good sci fi that doesn't involve zapping things with ray guns. It's a story about how technology sometimes puts people in impossible situations that no human has ever been faced with before.
January 14, 2020
The considerable charisma and chemistry of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence keep the sci-fi adventure Passengers afloat, even if the script easily fixes its most fascinating problems.
September 4, 2019
With minimal cast members, the main actors had to be chosen wisely...Lawrence and Pratt were excellent options as they truly meet both criteria.
May 4, 2019
There are enough twists and turns from the get go to keep audiences intrigued and to provide an enjoyable, entertaining movie outing.
March 14, 2019
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence have terrific chemistry.
March 9, 2019
It offers an entertaining two hours but the characters fail to provoke emotional attachment, so it's likely to fade from memory rapidly.
February 5, 2019
Despite all its bumbling adultness, Passengers does the pop-entertainer basics right: it transports us into its world, no matter how outrageous or flawed.
January 23, 2019
Passengers offers a sci-fi romance with a thought-provoking twist.
November 1, 2018
Passengers is not the Hollywood disaster the mainstream critics would have you believe, but it is a flawed film hampered under the weight of its scope.
March 30, 2018
Although Passengers is the direct opposite of Gravity, Interstellar or The Martian, it garners interest when it delves into the primary need for human interaction. [Full review in Spanish]
December 5, 2017
Like a Titanic in space, Passengers is a rare combination of genres. [Full review in Spanish]
November 4, 2017
It's a great-looking film with an original idea. Watch it for its stars but it won't have an astronomical impact on you.
September 11, 2017
[Morten] Tyldum wisely sticks to the human story at the center of this epic-looking tale of the vast, unchartered terrain of the human heart.
April 6, 2017
An entertaining but somewhat corny sci-fi fantasy romance film with aspirations to be a deep thinking film.
March 22, 2017
Passengers still manages to woo us with the kind of intense love and obsession you don't see often, especially in the world of sci-fi. And some of us tend to be suckers for stuff that has a whiff of "true love."
March 1, 2017
Passengers entertained me, it made me laugh, and even had me tense at times. It's one of those films that, if they ask me in the street, I say "yeah, it's ok". [Full review in Spanish]
February 4, 2017
The screenplay from Jon Spaihts will leave you questioning the actions of both characters as the credits start to roll.
January 12, 2017
A brave film that exposes all its elements openly and reflects, in different ways, a sense of great cinema that at times seems to have been lost. [Full review in Spanish]
January 8, 2017
Passengers does its best to coast through the cinematic realm fuelled by star power and shiny surfaces, boasting enough of both to keep your eyes engaged, but not your heart or mind.
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