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The Passionate Friends Quotes

  • Mary Justin: I'm not a very good person, Steven. I wanted your love - and I wanted Howard's affection and the security he could give me.
    Steven Stratton: I can give you security too, and more than affection.
    Mary Justin: You don't really know me at all. My love isn't worth very much.

  • Howard Justin: Well you may love her, but you don't know her. I do. Our marriage has been very successful until now. It's based on freedom and understanding, and a very deep affection. It's the marriage Mary and I both wanted. Your love is the romantic kind. [Howard stands] The kind that makes big demands. Nearness, belonging, fulfillment; a priority over everything else - that isn't the kind Mary really wants. Although you almost persuaded her that it was. Don't you see that you two together are really dangerous? I'm not blaming either of you - you can't help it and you couldn't have changed it. You just have to keep away from one another; and in future I'm going to see to it that you do.

  • Steven Stratton: I see your point of view; but it's a cold, bloodless bankers point of view and I don't believe a word of it.

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