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December 3, 2015
Good solid movie with twists and turns and lets fac eit Hauer really never lets you know if he really did it or not and be honest- some may think he did... watch it and see.... enjoyed it!
August 5, 2015
An enormously underrated and overlooked film. The cast and performances are exceptional -- especially the luminous Natasha Richardson, Rutger Hauer at his finest, and featuring a mesmerizing debut by the "unknown" Paul Giamatti. Director Jan Eliasberg's visual style (mixing terrifying "home movie" footage with a rain-drenched blue, green, and gray neo-noir palette) is superb, elevating the film many levels above the well-done but predictable B movie script. And look at the power-house production team: D.P. Robert Yeoman (now Wes Anderson's constant collaborator), and Editor Christopher Rouse (Academy Award winner for the The Bourne Ultimatum). An overlooked gem -- not to be missed.
December 11, 2014
rumored to have actually been partially written and directed by Tarantino, which may be why I've been avoiding it
October 4, 2010
A good older thriller based on Rutger's misleading talent. Good plot, some stupid behavior typical to a thriller. The relational factor is nicely blended in
with investigation and the mystery of the killer. Mostly good plotwise, standard acting and some supposed to be creepy stuff. Ok!
May 26, 2010
Decent little thriller that is mostly of note as Quentin Tarantino's first major film credit, as associate producer for rewriting much of the script. It's certainly not a "Tarantino" film. It feels more it's trying to be a Brian DePalma film. However, there are a few flourishes of Tarantino touches now and then, such as references to David Goodis or jokes characters tell that sound right out of his other films. Nothing special, but worth watching.
Super Reviewer
October 20, 2008
Script doctoring by Quentin Tarantino and a good cast, still can't push this one over the top, but if nothing else is on its worth a view.
May 23, 2008
I guess that I could've done worse. At least it's Giamatti and Hauer in it :)
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