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½ May 20, 2016
This was very enjoyable and a did a good job at illustrating how things would have been perceived by the Jewish and other Christian leaders during Paul's time.
½ April 22, 2011
I'm going to give this one of the worst ratings I can. But before I summarize, I just want to first add something my own personal biases. I'm a Christian and Paul's letters have impacted my life deeply. I love and admire Paul. That said, finishing this film titled with his name was like being dragged slowly through glass and salt.

What utterly destroys this film is the character assignment and development. While the Jewish figures in the film are sharp, admirably critical, and intellectually contemplative (all of which I think is historically representative of the setting), they are contrasted by the child-like, highly reactive, highly emotional, and hair-brained Christians, all of whom have nothing of any substance to offer their Jewish detractors. But they sure have to blather on about how strongly they feel something that's really important for everything to hear. This why, when the already silly portrayal of a cocky, half-heatedly rational Paul, converts and becomes like the ridiculous Christians in the movie, the film overall comes across as more of a soft tragedy than anything inspirational.

I'm very doubtful about the qualifications of this film's producers in taking on the life of Paul. Not only is this film unable to deliver a recognizable picture of Paul himself, but even that of mid-first century Christianity. From Peter nearly losing faith before Pentecost (10 days after seeing Jesus ascend to the sky, mind you) to believers being baptized with sprinkling, the whole thing is just pitifully ignorant and preposterous.
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