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June 30, 2011
good stuff sad though & no actor delivers the pathos better than laughton think hunchback of notre dame
½ May 4, 2011
Woeful, dull mystery suspense film from the 1930's. Forgotten for sadly all the good reasons. Charles Laughton's character is being layed off from the bank, which depresses him and causes him, for whatever reason, to attempt to kill a relative (Ray Milland) through an alcoholic drink laced with poison (unsure what it could be and I don't think its cyanide). He doesn't drink the poison and Laughton gets mad and spills his own drink. Then it skips to the next scene. Viewers discover in the next couple minutes Laughton kills Milland's character and he goes nuts. In addition, viewers discover a huge plot hole because his death was unexpected and we don't how what he did to kill him, and by the end of it, we don't care. This film is useless and Laughton looks embarrassed. Too bad. I thought I could make a big deal of unpopular movie. Sadly, not here.
½ February 18, 2010
Charles Laughton delivers yet another powerful performance in a very well written story. Ray Milland is great in an early supporting role. Nice cimetography and a great pace. It?s a bit melodramatic at times but it was always interesting thanks to Laughton.
November 18, 2008
Great murder story where the villain gets what he deserves but i still sympathize with him.
Super Reviewer
July 6, 2008
nominated for best picture by NBR
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