Jan 3, 2019
Keener is a great character actress, while Olsen is destined to become one.
Nov 16, 2018
This pleasant enough straight-to-DVD comedy stars Catherine Keener as an uptight lawyer who takes her kids (one is Elizabeth Olsen) to her Mom's for the summer.
Jul 12, 2012
About as surprising in its plot as a trip to McDonald's, but that doesn't keep it from being pretty satisfying on the cinematic comfort-food level.
Jun 19, 2012
The once divisive 'Hanoi Jane' is now a harmless hippie dispensing homegrown marijuana and homilies about love and 'transformation' in this cornball, clichd and predictable yet agreeable and entertaining movie.
Jun 14, 2012
Pop songs, beautiful bucolic scenery and the joy of watching Jane Fonda fizz in a fun role that looks like a no-brainer are elements that a skilled director like Australia's polished Bruce Beresford blends with perfection.
Jun 8, 2012
Fonda, Keener and Olsen compose a dream team of multigenerational talent, but they, and this film, are underserved by characters in need of development and an idea in need of a story.
Jun 8, 2012
Not every movie is, or has to be, an Event. Sometimes all I ask of a film is that it offer a pleasant diversion for an hour and a half. That's exactly what I got from 'Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding'.
Jun 8, 2012
The upbeat multi-generational slice-of-life narrative bears the appropriate tagline-"Life is a journey. Family is a trip." It is worth the price of admission to see the gifted Fonda grace the screen playing this free-wheeling, eccentric force of nature.
Jun 8, 2012
Certainly, there's a comedy to be made about multigenerational conflict. But "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding" never quite finds its groove.
Jun 8, 2012
A crowd-pleasing comedy that isn't going to win any awards for originality.
Jun 7, 2012
It's not "On Golden Pond" by any stretch, but it is nice to have Fonda back in the fractious family way.
Jun 7, 2012
Every plot turn is groaningly predictable. But at least the lead performances set off sparks.
Jun 7, 2012
Was there no one to suggest that the script, by Joseph Muszynski and Christina Mengert, had certain deficits? All the same, the spectacle of first-rate actors attacking third-rate material is guilty fun.
Jun 7, 2012
It's Fonda's show, riffing on her Hanoi Jane past and aided by first-time screenwriters Christina Mengert and Joseph Muszynski's ear for how both smart people and New-Agers talk.
Jun 7, 2012
It's slight, but pleasurable fun.
Jun 7, 2012
It's a great (if middle-of-the-road) family comedy to seek out.
Jun 7, 2012
"Peace, Love & Misunderstanding" is an undemanding formula picture that's a lot of superficial fun and not much more.
Jun 4, 2012
Story of a mother-daughter reunion and its transformative impact on both women; another triumph from veteran Australian director Bruce Beresford.
Jun 3, 2012
Jane Fonda as a hippie grandmother is the reason to see this comedy.
Sep 15, 2011
The saving grace to the utter predictability in Christina Mengert and Joseph Muszynski's screenplay is reasonably personable characters and spirited acting by director Bruce Beresford's cast.