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November 28, 2017
One of my childhood favorites!
November 17, 2017
Another classic animated film. The pebble and the penguin is another classic film when I was a kid just like an American tail was the same look and the same feeling love this film and what a classic well done.
June 28, 2017
I always liked it as a kid I probably watch it least out of the Don Bluth films I have though
September 10, 2016
This is a classic, story line a bit odd, but music was a good effort. Loved it as a kid.
½ August 11, 2016
The Pebble and the Penguin is a so-so movie that is far from the worst Don Bluth movie owing to some solid animation, a good opening scene and such a good song in Now and Forever, but most of the other songs are subpar, the characters are very annoying, the film is dated in its portrayal of female characters as just love interests and the movie is too childish to be enjoyed more.
February 12, 2016
Too much singing and crappy songs, penguins with hands, horribly written characters, nonsense, childish and cheesy, irritating protagonist, and a bipolar tone. I guess Tim Curry made a great villain.
July 9, 2015
My childhood. Love this movie.
½ February 9, 2015
I actually don't dislike this one as much. This is not one of Don Bleuth's classic films, it's no Secret of Nimh, it's no Land Before Time, but this one has pretty good voice-over performances and there are a couple of fun moments.
½ February 9, 2015
enjoyable story in this children's animated movie.
January 2, 2015
½ November 21, 2014
Why, Don Bluth? Why?
½ August 10, 2014
Not Don Bluth's best work, but really, it was passable.
July 7, 2014
It's OK. The animation is nice, but the characters and story do nothing to distinguish themselves from Beauty and the Beast, which far outdoes Pebble & The Penguin.
May 14, 2014
I forgot about this one. It's probably for the best that I still don't remember.
½ March 19, 2014
If you are a die-hard Don Bluth fan, or someone who liked March Of The Penguins, this movie is good enough for you.
October 21, 2013
This is a TRULY AMAZING film for anyone of any age wanting to laugh, shed a few tears, and end up smiling by the end credits.

There are two renditions of The Pebble and the Penguin currently available. The first (same as what was shown in theatres) is what you get on a DVD or VHS sold between 1995 and 2007, which contain gross fielding and timing errors caused by the Hungarian company that recolored the film at the demand of MGM, and are the same errors that showed up in the original theater film. (MGM also went on to alter the original movie by deleting scenes and characters before it even headed to the Big Screen. These are NOT the faults of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman: they so disapproved of the changes to their movie that they didn't want credit as directors due to the end result. It is a bitter shame we will never get to see the ORIGINAL product that Don Bluth intended to go to the Big Screen in all its glory). The second rendition is what was released starting with the Family Fun Edition in 2007 onward to the current Blu Ray adition, which was hand-corrected by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman in 2007 to remove the MGM and Hungarian company-induced errors.

As an ornithologist studying birds, I critically examined the character design in this movie. The characters in The Pebble and the Penguin are anatomically accurate while combining human-like traits, and are probably Don Bluth's most creative cast... even Drake. I have many of the original production celluloids and drawings from The Pebble and the Penguin displayed on the walls of my home and office because of how endearing and personable these characters are.

The music is outstanding, and it is sad none of the tracks ever received airplay in 1995-96. Certainly the song "Now And Forever" is every bit as good as "Beauty and the Beast" and other love songs from other animated fantasy features (take a peek at what the soundtrack for The Pebble and the Penguin is selling for - so many people want it that it is now a collector's item).

This film is one of the last hand-drawn, hand-painted animated features released in the last two decades, and is an art form dying out because of computer animation. It is a labor of love to create these types of animated films. The Don Bluth films CANNOT be compared to others (like Avatar) - that's Apples versus Oranges. Every facet of the film is human created with paint, celluloid, and drawings. Play this movie frame-by-frame on some of the scenes, and you're going to find lots of hidden characters and activities you'd never notice just playing straight through.

This is a Must-See film with the mindset that you are watching 15 actual hand-drawn and hand-colored paintings per second whiz by your eyes. Grab someome you love, or your children, and a box of popcorn. You'll enjoy The Pebble and the Penguin over and over for years to come.
½ September 9, 2013
When I first saw the cover, I was sort-of interested because it has TImm Curry, MArtin Short, Jim Belushi etc. So I thought that this was going to be either hilarious or serious. When I finally saw it, it was a disgrace. I myself am a huge fan of Don Bluth, but I agree with others that this is one of his weakest films. Don even tried to take his name of the project. Do I recommend this film? No, this film just has no rhyme or reason and its so boring and the animation, music, story and everything just seemed lazy.
August 30, 2013
Still a much better stinker from Don Bluth than his (at the time) previous movie "A Troll In Central Park".
½ June 17, 2013
This movie does not hold up very well at all. Yet again we see another animation gem from Don Bluth that has faded away into oblivion. But hey that's why I am here to help bring back the nostalgia. The movie opens up with a rather well done song about finding a perfect pearl for a penguin since...apparently that's what penguins do before mating for life.. interesting.
Well I am just going to get right down to it. The movie seems very rushed as it is just a little over an hour. The musical numbers are surprisingly catchy, Tim Curry is one of the best parts of this movie although he does seem to receive very little screen time. To sum it all up this movie just has a very rushed and fast pace about it whereas it doesn't really give you time to adjust instead of just pushing you through the movie. This movie was intended for children but I can see kids themselves having a hard time sitting through this one. Its odd, the bottom line is.. its a movie about cute penguins and almost everyone loves cute cuddly penguins, however this movie was ahead of its time. Thus making it unable to ultimately hop on the Penguin band wagon, but still. Its good to kill some time though or bring back some nostalgia but other than that..steer clear of it.
June 17, 2013
out of all the "bad" don bluth movies, this one is probably the least bad.
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