Peep World Reviews

November 17, 2018
A strong ensemble led by narrator Lewis Black, Peep World is reasonably funny but never overly so, and the climactic dinner doesn't feel long enough to support the preceding hourish before it.
December 6, 2013
PEEP WORLD plays out like a 90 minute episode of your favorite sitcom
March 25, 2011
Judging by the actors involved in Barry Blaustein's amusing but unpolished comedy, it's fair to assume he has a friends in high places. That's good, since they refine Peter Himmelstein's rough script.
March 24, 2011
While it's nice to see TV actors get a crack at the bigger screen, Peep World barely seems like a movie.
March 19, 2011
A twisted take on notions about the naked truth, whether of dirty laundry dysfunctional families or local porn dives. And while exposing with satirical mischief upscale DNA dark sides, and the pitfalls of public metaphorical mooning. Father Knows Worst.
March 17, 2011
An entertaining slice of salty life, but ultimately just what its title suggests: merely a peep into a world with greater potential.
September 25, 2010
A breezy, entertaining piece of work...