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January 29, 2011
I like magic. I like Penn & Teller. I did not like this documentary. It was slow, it was boring, it was not a good showcase of magic, imo.

Sure, magic buffs may appreciate some of the history found along the way. The general public, however, is left wanting. Spare yourself.
November 9, 2010
Ever wanted to hear what Teller sounds like? Watch this! He has lot to say! This is a really cool documentary which follows P&T to India and Egypt as they explore the history of sleight-of-hand magic. It's available on instant Netflix, definitely worth a look!
March 2, 2010
voir un vieux chinois se rentrer une couleuvre vivante par une narine pour la faire ressortir par sa bouche: priceless!
September 4, 2009
A three-part documentary that follows the duo to China, Egypt and India in their search for the origins of some of the most well-known magic tricks. As much as travel-loge as it is a documentary on magic, it shows their difficulty understanding some of the different cultures even with the aid of translators. Really cool to see the reactions of the people in the remote areas to some of P&T tricks, but they never out did the locals who were very impressive them,selves. The Chinese government went all out in holding a demonstration of their national acrobatic troop for the audience of two in the dead of winter. The Egyptian government provided them with a dozen armed guards in the journeys to some of the more remote and fanatical areas. In India they helped some gypsies scam the passers-by, and then it showed Penn lamenting for doing so. Not nearly as laden with their political beliefs as Bullshit!, but Penn opines enough for the uninitiated to know from where he comes ("Its a chicken!!!"). Also, the Egypt tour showed Teller talking to the camera in two different incidents -really weird to hear a voice from him!
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