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John Astin and Frank Sinatra, Jr. star in this comedy concerning a disgruntled cannery worker who quit his job, paints the word "taxi" in the side of a 1959 Cadillac, and proceeds to start his own cab service. But the Cadillac is stolen just as business begins to pick up, jeopardizing the entire endeavor.
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Once upon a time, while stationed aboard a ballistic missile submarine doing deterent patrols in the Pacific, I had a running competition with a shipmate to see how many movies we could watch during a patrol. We turned out religiously for every showing of every movie - sacrificing sleep in persuit of our goal. I saw Outlaw Josie Wales at least a dozen times during that patrol. This was before VCR's, and we carried about 40 or 50 16mm films with us. We plopped ourselves down to watch Wacky Taxi and could feel our brains atrophy as we watched. By the end of the first reel, there were only 3 of us still seated, myself, my competition, and the projectionist. At the end of the 2nd reel, the film kept click, click, clicking - the projectionist couldn't take any more and had abandoned his post. We changed the reel and choked down the rest of the flick. Later, a collection was taken for the replacement cost of the film and we shoved it into the Trash Disposal Unit. It's somewhere at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. I *like* John Astin. I still think he is one of the funniest comic actors in the business. But this monstrosity was terrible, from the acting, to the script, to the direction. It was too mind numbing to fit the so-bad-it's-good genre. If it were shot today, it would skip not only the theatrical release, but also direct-to-dvd and go straight to LuserTV (the kind where all the commercials are for personal injury attorneys, truck driving schools, and chat lines.)

Robert Franz
Robert Franz

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