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½ June 5, 2007
Thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. Great for anyone who wants to know what a national campaign is really like.
May 21, 2007
Nothing beats seeing felon Ollie North fail to win a Senate seat!
July 15, 2005
[b]Oliver North for Senate? You don't know the half of it...[/b]

You guys remember Oli right? Oliver North, the idiot and scapegoat of Ronald Reagan's insane ploys (Because we all know a president will never be held accountable again). Well this documentary, it eh... well it documents his bid for the senate.

It shows all parts of the election, him and his opposition. This doc doesn't even come close to the brilliant Journeys with George for reasons I will elaborate later in the review. But it starts with the best KICKER a doc has ever begun with (at least for this sci-fi geek)


At this point I was cracked up and ready for a laugh fest of dicey sarcasm and witty cynicism. So I buckled down in my new used sofa (HMMMM Comfy goodness) with a glass of Dr. P and waited for the fun to begin. It does but it's not as fun as the kicker promised it would.

We begin with a history of good ol' Oli and his shenanigans, how he's a church going god fearing man and starts what has now become the religious right taking over the US and burning the constitution... but I digress. Goes to say that I love political docs because of my love and hate of politics.

The doc concentrates mostly on the campaign strategists and all the low blows they will deal to their respective opponents to win the race, all the while having wine together during debates and poking fun at their candidates. The problem is that Chuck Robb (what a dick) the democrat running against Oli and the one that defeats him is even scummier than Oli which is hard to believe because contrary to Oli he tells all, that he an honest man and never tells a lie. The sly way i which he evades answering questions makes Paul Martin and Stephen Harper look like amateurs. But as with all elections, the crassest blow come out by digging into the candidates past and making public every insanity that they did and using it against them... regular character assassination and mud-slinging... The American Way.

Now it's all good except for one thing and this is the big let-down of the doc. The utter lack of commentaries or narration, there's none, none at all. No even statistics or relevant facts. I guess they wanted to be as neutral as possible, but neutrality in politics is just plain boring. The end product is a documentary that tells its own story but looks like news snippets thrown together for good measure. I expected more but still worth the watch and the 3 bucks to rent it.

A middle of the road 6 outta 10
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