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April 20, 2016
This should be mandatory viewing for anybody with a political opinion about the Islamic world.
March 17, 2016
1 hour 35 minutes and 31 seconds too long
March 7, 2016
Persepolis is an emotionally powerful, dramatically enthralling autobiographical gem.
February 10, 2016
My favourite animation. I was shocked when it lost the Oscar to Ratatouille. However, in the US, animated movies are cartoons, meant for children, so I can see how this happened.
This movie is a masterpiece, painted in wide monochromatic powerful strokes.
JDT: 5/5. Good advice. Close look at family life and pride.
½ January 25, 2016
amazing! makes you realize that wherever you choose to settle life will bring its own set of problems and you must deal with them. there's just no running away
January 15, 2016
a thoughtful film on a kid growing up in Iran ..
December 31, 2015
Great coming of age animated film, rebellious and truthful, with a great universality while still being from an unique perspective.
December 19, 2015
A really intense life a woman has, l like it!
December 15, 2015
A very peculiar and deep animated biography with layers of commentary and great characters to keep the sometimes too dramatic story interesting and creative.
December 3, 2015
A beautifully animated, yet unfiltered, expression of equality, bitterness and depression that can't help but be entirely, and sadly, believable.
November 21, 2015
Animated but for a very adult audience with this story of the emancipation of a Iranian Persepolis. Quite surprising for French to be the spoken language given the subject matter of the veiled culture of Iran. Perhaps the era before the fall of the Shah. Nevertheless a vey thought provoking political film.
August 31, 2015
One of the best films I've seen in a while.
July 31, 2015
Mind-blowing, witty, ballsy, full of true emotions. must see
June 28, 2015
This movie is basically perfect. Everything about it is wonderful. I won't even say anything else. Go watch it.
June 27, 2015
Moving film that I will always remember as one of the more moving films I've ever seen. Along with the likes of Waltz with Bashir, it's animation style was unique and very effective alright.
½ May 24, 2015
9.5 out of 10:

Great animation combined with a heartwarming story.
April 22, 2015
A deeply emotional story, and beautiful animation. Definitely a winner.
½ March 31, 2015
I always believed that choice of medium is usually not a barrier to expressions if one has the skills and guts to express oneself. Persepolis is yet another proof of that. I personally love the idea of not providing a solution or a justification for a solution as an ending of a movie, Persepolis showed the hope, sense of belonging and identity of the lead character without giving out a definite resolution. The choice of 2D black and white animation to narrate the story is very interesting and particularly effective. B&W still has, hidden in its monochromatic, high contrast backdrop, an extremely effective method of creating an engrossing, focused environment that resonates with the audience. The autobiographic movie with its Iranian revolution setting, and lead character's journey through her womanhood made an excellent use of the medium. The west often makes heroes and villains or rather celebrities, be it good or bad, out of people just because it is good business, I don't think Persepolis belongs to that category of capitalism. A fresh and welcome change from western ideological sell-outs which tells a captivating story and gets out the way of our thinking, and in the process makes you reflect more rather than when you're given set pieces. Kudos to the director and her team for coming up with such an enthralling depiction.
March 1, 2015
While animation is an art form primarily associated with children's entertainment, there are more than a few animated films which deal with more mature themes and are geared towards an older audience. PERSEPOLIS is one such film. Co-directed by Marjane Satrapi, who based this on her experiences as a young girl growing up in Iran, it tells a story about the struggle to find one's identity in a rapidly changing world. In Marjane's case, her formative years took place amid the chaotic years of the Islamic Revolution when the US-backed Shah was overthrown by populist revolt and an Islamic Republic established in its place. Even though communist revolutionaries, such as her uncle, were imprisoned under the Shah's rules, the Islamic Republic that replaced it was in some ways even more repressive. As a way of escaping this, Marjane is sent off to a French school in Vienna but she eventually comes back to her family after bad experiences leave her alone and almost destitute. Yet, the Iran she returns to is even more different than the one she grew up in and left before. Ultimately, this is a simultaneously complex and simple look at Iranian life through the eyes of a young woman. It's complex in the sense that Marjane has conflicted feelings about the country of her ancestors, yet simple because it is presented through the eyes of someone who has yet to find themselves. This film is based on a graphic novel, and the mostly black-and-white animation style reproduces this look faithfully while also adding a sense of childlike wonder. It was a simple, yet beautiful, way to tell an important story. I hesitate to say that Marjane's story is representative of all Iranians' experience, yet it is valuable precisely because it is a personal experience. The story of her life growing up is tragic and hopeful, sad and yet still not without humor. This rollercoaster of emotions and unique look at an oft misunderstood culture are the film's strongest selling points, aside from the top-notch animation and score. For viewers looking to expand their horizons a bit, PERSEPOLIS has everything you could possibly want from a great film: action, romance, tragedy, humor, etc. It has it all, and most importantly it provides unique cultural insight. Highly recommended.
February 18, 2015
Persepolis was a great animation. Definitely rolling on the society changing in some eastern countries. War, politics and love covers the lot. Great animation and sort of fun which was weird because the subjects it covered were quite depressing. Worked well to get the seriousness across but still having you smiling because of the protagonist.
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