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George Putnam narrates standing in front of a map of the U.S., using large title cards to establish each topic. He argues that moral decay is spreading in this country: pornography, smut peddlers, salacious magazines and paperback books, fetishists, corrupters of children, nudists, and homosexuals. The motive, profit - it's a $2 billion per year industry. He shows us a courtroom where a judge reads instruct a jury to uphold community standards: Putnam argues that the Constitution and U.S. law are on the side of decency. At the film's end, he answers the question "What can an individual do?" with six suggestions, including promoting good reading to children.


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The Reefer Madness for pornography, trying to have and uphold the moral high-ground but dives into hilarity

Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown

A time capsule of morality - though I had thought this was done in the early 1950's. Parents of young children will empathize with Putnam's disgust. Many of the mis-information specialists in the 21st century now use the same tactics to validate urban myths which ultimately lead to poor societal choices.

Christopher Bergan
Christopher Bergan

As if we don't have terrorists to worry about, cancer to worry about, fat asses and drug abuse to worry about, we have always had PERVERSION to worry about. [img][/img] The Catholic Church has recently started a big push towards pornography awarenesss. I applaud awareness of pornography. Actually, as this short film shows, we all need to be concerned with the excesses of too much awareness. :) I, for one, was convinced this documentary film ought to be seen and admired. I never knew God made such beautiful creatures. SEE the entire, graphic, lewd and "promiscuous" film here: It's pretty lame actually: [img][/img] REVIEWS of the film: 1 Perversion for Profit is a 1965 propaganda film financed by Charles Keating and narrated by news reporter George Putnam. A vehement diatribe against pornography, the film attempts to link explicit portrayals of human sexuality to the subversion of American civilization, and briefly draws a parallel between pornography and the Communist conspiracy. NOTES about the film: 1 An excerpt from the film: "This same type of rot and decay caused sixteen of the nineteen major civilizations to vanish from the Earth. Magnificent Egypt, classical Greece, imperial Rome, all crumbled away not because of the strength of the aggressor, but because of moral decay from within." 2 "This moral decay weakens our resistance to the onslaught of the communist masters of deceit."?---George Putnam, narrator. Narrated by George Putnam Starring George Putnam Release date(s) 1965 [img][/img]

monsieur rick
monsieur rick

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