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Peter's Friends Quotes

  • Andrew: I think adults are just children who owe money.

  • Maggie: Fill me with your little babies!

  • Carol: You make Mother Teresa look like a hooker.

  • Andrew: If there is a God, I think he takes a lot of long lunches.

  • Peter: It's funny. With both my parents gone, suddenly I have this overwhelming urge to act maturely.
    Andrew: Oh, I don't think anyone really matures. I think adults are just children who owe money.

  • Carol: Look at this armoire. Is this real?
    Andrew: No, it's imaginary.

  • Andrew: What's this then?
    Peter: It's called a potbelly. We have those in England along with culture.

  • Carol: You know what I hate the most about being a public figure? The public.

  • Peter: There are some friends you know you will have for the rest of your life. You're welded together by love, trust, respect or loss. Or in our case, simple embarrassment.

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