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½ October 7, 2017
While parts of this were enjoyable, I do not think that this is the best version of this story. I am not big on Opera music, and this version floods with it. I appreciate the classic nature of this film, but prefer the others with better music and songs.
June 8, 2017
I can't help but compare this to Chaney's silent classic, and it just plain doesn't hold up. Completely lacking in the gothic, macabre visuals of that one, it instead leans into the phantom's romantic origin story, and it's just not that engaging. The tone is all over the place, with lots of dramatic men with wispy mustaches saying (intentionally?) comedic things, with a few cool moments of tension breaking the doldrums (chandelier, use of shadow).
½ March 12, 2017
Entertaining and genre-bending. Not sure it deserves its place in the classic Universal Monsters line-up though,
November 13, 2016
Not a terrible film. But I expect better from Universal. Reins is fantastic as the Phantom. It takes too long to get to his transformation. And maybe this is because I'm not a musical fan, but there's just way too much Opera in this. That's probably a silly complaint. But I felt like the original Lon Chaney version, and the Hammer version starring Herbert Lom, found a much better balance.
October 11, 2016
Good performance by Claude Rains, great directing in some scenes. Overall story and dialog was lacking.
August 3, 2016
Phantom of the Opera is a wonderful spectacle Horror movie period. Claude Rains played a really great Phantom. Five Star!
½ December 31, 2015
True classic movie to a great story
November 30, 2015
I've been spoiled by Chaney. This is a tepid screen version and, unfortunately, the template for most of the subsequent screen adaptations. The book is so bizarre and exciting that to monkey with its plot line is to ask for sub-standard. Treat yourself to a silent movie and stick with the 1925 version.
½ November 5, 2015
By no means superior to the phenomenal 1925 Silent Version with Lon Chaney but nonetheless this film was very entertaining.

This film was more comic than I thought it would be & had a camp feel to it.

The story itself of a obsessive violinist who becomes deformed & plots his revenge from the Paris Sewers is a fantastic one. The sets in this film are extraordinary & many are still erect in the Universal Studios Tour today.
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September 1, 2015
Very good adaptation with a star turn by Rains.
August 25, 2015
I wouldn't classify this as a horror film, but is still a very good romantic thriller, and even a romantic comedy of sorts was great performances, and kick ass classical music.
½ April 29, 2015
A lavish and colorful production, even if it's not the most thrilling or faithful adaption. The plot shares most of the same similarities but removes the whole 'phantom' bit until it's a small irreverent subplot. Rains plays the title character interestingly but not believably. Bits of fun humor and incredible sets are the real highlight of the film.
April 16, 2015
Stop freakin singing gah I hate opera!!
March 1, 2015
A more light-hearted horror from universal featuring large amounts of dubbed-in opera performances and some romantic comedy, although I've learnt that some of the actors were in fact more than able singers. I doubt this was ever considered to be that scary, and these days it's very tame owing mainly I'm guessing to the fact that most people living through the second world war wanted to get away from fictional horror because so much real horror was going on around the world. The advancement in screen acting means that the performances are better suited and the set design featured is pretty great. Worth a watch today more to enjoy it's classic status than to witness an actual truly scary movie.
February 20, 2015
"The Phantom of the Opera" is material that can be (speaking very broadly) treated in two quite different ways ... as a florid bit of Grand Guignol or as a grand musical melodrama. It's a matter of personal temperament for sure, but I generally favour the prior approach. Universal's 1943 technicolor take on the story is very decisively the latter. It looks beautiful, especially on the Blu-Ray, and Claude Rains is wonderful, as always, but I find the picture itself to be turgid and unappealing.
½ February 5, 2015
This was the final entry in the set of remastered Universal classics on blu ray I had to watch and wasnt disappointed. And as an added bonus starting to fill out more of the career of Claude Reins as the titular monster (if you can call him such) since up until this series of films I had only known him from his role as the constable from the revered Casablanca. This iteration of the Phantom as it turned out was very interesting since it did follow the formula of some of the Universal cannon actually showing the creation of the central monster, in this case with Cluade's Phantom being a put out violinist being buried in the Paris Orchestra and his works with Christine and on his own concerto being stolen from him over the course of time. In a fit of desparation and rage of course you actually see the acid being thrown on his face and leading to his disfigurment which leads into the story we all now know of him being a masked ghost of sorts living in the sewers underneath the Paris Opera House. A few facts are different from the later iterations of the story, partciularly the fact that the love affair between Christine and the Phantom is one sided (towards the Phantom here) with Christine just pitying him, and Christine being more seemingly independent minded than other iterations for the character which is ahead of the time in the 40's to say the least. Very gorgeous shot and the technicolour really pops on the blu ray as well. Very solid.
February 2, 2015
1943's film adaption of Gaston Leroux's novel, is one of the best known & respected versions commited to film. Part of Universal's classic monster films, this version sadly tones down on the horror and violence found in the novel & the original 1925 Version (also produced by Universal). This version like many others it focuses on the romantic plot points a lot more heavily. Claude Rains gives an outstanding performance as the phantom, who in this version was a successful violinist, who fell on hard times. During his terrible ordeal he ends up with acid thrown on his face, disfiguring him. This is great as we get a different type of phantom as he is learning how to deal with his new disfigurement instead of him having it since birth. A beautifully crafted romance that fits extremely well with the likes of Universal's Dracula, Frankenstein. The film won 2 Academy Awards, Art Direction (Colour) & Cinematography (Colour).
October 27, 2014
Rains is great in the role. The blu-ray looks amazing.
½ October 5, 2014
Too much music. Christine should have been more appealing. And her interaction with Claudin was far too fleeting.
Otherwise, it's not a bad movie, at all. Not comparable to the 1925 version, but good, in its own right.
July 8, 2014
This film was definitely interesting but sometimes slow.
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