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Phantom of the Opera - Switchblade Symphony Reviews

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½ November 12, 2014
chaney at his creeeepy-ness
October 20, 2011
There's only one word to describe this film: Epic! Absolutely epic! Lon Chaney is spectacular in his role and he I should say that he just owns the role while Gerard Butler is fantastic in the remake, you shouldn't relly hate him for his Scottish accent while he's singing in that film. While this film is confirmed as a horror which is what made it epic, the 2004 version decreased the horror level and turned it into a musical thriller which is not a bad thing but when you do a remake, you always need to keep true to the source material. The story's pretty simple, It's set in Paris centuries ago, a opera is haunted by what they call The Phantom of the Opera who haunts the audience and the performers while when t hey ever come to any shows. The Phantom falls for one girl and the rest is history. When that girl took off Lon Chaney's mask, everyone who was watching this film, we were all frightened like mad. Lon Chaney seems like a fantastic actor and I remember him from the film The Wolfman (1941) where he starred as the title character, (oh another title character and another bad guy? sounds cool enough?) But anyway, the music is brilliant, the acting is like A-List artwork, the style is old-fashioned which is good and this is another movie which is just great in general. The Phantom of the Opera (1925) gets a 10/10.
½ February 2, 2011
If you were to ask people if they have seen "Phantom of the Opera" they think of the boardway version or the movie that was based on it and someone people don't know there is an original version that was made in the 20's. One of the most memorable monsters in cinema.

For being a silent movie and being the oldest monster movie made it is creepy and I am not sure is it because of the music playing or the just the utter suspense this movie has. If I had to compare the Phantom between this version and the 2004 version who was played by Gerard Butler I have to give it the 20's version. This guy is the definition of a stoker and yes Butler had the creepy doll of Christine in his chamber but this other Phantom was just scary looking and very mysterious. If you are instead of watching these old school monster movies then this worth a watch.
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