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Philomena Quotes

  • Philomena Lee: We come full circle.
    Martin Sixsmith: Yes ... the end of all our exploring, Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time.
    Philomena Lee: Ah, that's lovely Martin. Did you just think of that?
    Martin Sixsmith: No, it's T.S. Eliot.
    Philomena Lee: Oh well never mind. It's still very nice.

  • Sister Hildegarde: The Lord Jesus Christ will be my judge - not the likes of you.
    Martin Sixsmith: Really? Because I think if Jesus was here right now he'd tip you out of that fucking wheelchair - and you wouldn't get up and walk.

  • Philomena Lee: And after I had the sex, I thought anything that feels so lovely must be wrong.
    Martin Sixsmith: Fucking Catholics.

  • Philomena Lee: My Dad went to Catholic school and got my Mom pregnant. He married her. She hated me. She beat me. I wish she would have given me up for adoption.

  • Philomena Lee: I did not abandon my child, he was taken away from me.

  • Philomena Lee: If God were in there, he'd say you were a fucking idiot!
    Philomena Lee: If God were in there, he'd say you were a feckin' eejit!

  • Philomena Lee: I forgive you because I don't want to remain angry.

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