Phone (Pon) Reviews

January 30, 2006
If you're a fan of modern Asian horror, I'm sure you'll check it out anyway, just keep in mind that it may not be as effective as you hope.
July 12, 2005
Apesar de alongar-se demais (chegando a incluir uma subtrama totalmente dispensvel), o filme reserva boas surpresas e conta com a tima atuao da pequena Seo-woo Eun.
April 2, 2005
Typically baffling Asian horror flick...
January 14, 2005
While there are no punches pulled when it comes to the bloody horror, Phone rings truest in its nerve-tingling suspense.
January 9, 2005
as close a knockoff to Ringu that I've seen to date
August 28, 2004
August 28, 2004
Asian horror can't go on much longer adhering to such standard rules, but for now it's frightening and effective.
July 6, 2004
[It] may be a rather unmemorable addition to Asian horror, but you'll be far too spooked to hang up before it's over.