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September 16, 2003
Stationary in concept and at the same time manically unhinged and psychologically multilayered
September 9, 2003
Farrell and Sutherland deliver such strong performances that it's easy to overlook the script's melodramatic dialogue and insane lapses of reality.
July 4, 2003
'Enlace Mortal es un slido thriller que representa una de las mejores opciones de escapismo que han llegado a las pantallas en lo que va del ao. Verdaderamente recomendable.'
June 26, 2003
Phone Booth is a movie completely disconnected from what suspense should be like.
June 21, 2003
Phone Booth is a great call.
June 16, 2003
Um suspense bem realizado que se beneficia principalmente da personalidade fascinante de seu vilo.
May 28, 2003
As a cinematic experiment, Phone Booth is a resounding success. Even with its shortcomings, the film is destined to do well at the box office if only on the sheer charisma of Farrell.
May 26, 2003
...there's no denying that Phone Booth is mostly an exemplary thriller...
May 21, 2003
A sloppy film filled with cheap moralizing. The plot holes are so large it's a good thing the streets were shut off from traffic.
May 18, 2003
. To use phone language, it doesn't put you on hold for one second. .
May 16, 2003
Raises more questions than it answers as it attempts to convince us that a moralistic sniper would torture a sleazy publicist into tears of guilt and remorse over what amounts to a few paltry, venial sins.
May 13, 2003
Phone Booth is not rocket science. In fact, it's a popcorn movie, but it's a popcorn movie of rare quality.
April 30, 2003
Almost every flick now is two hours and too long. But at only 80 minutes, "Phone Booth" managed to have all the excitement, emotions, and humor it needed.
April 29, 2003
The screenplay, by Larry Cohen, shows the confidence of a writer who knows he has a terrific starting point and plans to squeeze out every last drop of inspiration.
April 29, 2003
My appreciation extends to the creators who, instead of falling in love with their creation, keep it going only as long as its suspense is sustainable, turning in that rare film that plays under 90 minutes.
April 25, 2003
A modern morality tale complete with Kiefer Sutherland as God's voice. Okay, so he's a sniper on the other end of the phone, but with the things he says and the stereo sound he might as well be the Almighty.
April 24, 2003
Being browbeaten into learning someone else's values is almost as off-putting in narrative fiction as when it occurs in life.
April 22, 2003
If this sounds like a Kafkaesque spoof thrown together for the annual Publicists Guild of America luncheon, Larry Cohen's script is only occasionally that clever.
April 22, 2003
The premise is admittedly a killer -- fun to think about, fun to see realized, not so fun to see screwed up in the last half-hour.
April 21, 2003
Plays with the notions of personal responsibility and personal connection in a society increasingly desensitized to these things.
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