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October 8, 2016
This movie has some interesting ideas, but falls back on cliches a bit too much. I also feel that it doesn't quite know what it's talking about much of the time.
March 17, 2014
Sensiblerías y absurdos
½ July 8, 2013
Beautiful and wonderful Japanese anime. Story was very unique and climax was very shocking and heartwarming. I felt something amazing and deeply impressed... Piano performances were great, but Japanese voice casts were not great?!
February 19, 2013
Es un buen animé........ algo agringado en su temática pero con buena narración y bonitos paisajes.
½ July 1, 2012
An enjoyable movie that deals with the word of piano competition and the differences in just simply being able to play and enjoying. Not for everyone for sure, but I enjoyed it.
½ April 4, 2012
Si les studios Ghibli sont universellement salués comme de véritables orfèvres dans l'art de concocter des Anime oniriques, naturalistes et/ou animaliers, la maison Madhouse, sans doute moins élitiste, a le mérite de laisser s'exprimer en son sein des sensibilités très diverses, et de proposer des oeuvres dont le spectre s'étend de la SF familiale et romantique ("La traversée du temps") à l'ultra-violence routière visuellement excessive ("Redline"). Ce "Piano dans la forêt" s'inscrit quant à lui dans une tendance que les habitués de l'animation japonaise connaissent parfaitement depuis de nombreuses années : la compétition en tant que voyage initiatique, qu'elle concerne le football, le volley, la cuisine ou les arts martiaux, constitue une part essentielle de l'animation japonaise qui remplissait les mercredi après-midi. Sa structure narrative a été déterminée une fois pour toutes voici bien longtemps et le "Piano dans la forêt" ne s'en écartera d'ailleurs jamais : deux enfants, unis par une passion commune, progresseront dans un mélange de rivalité et d'admiration réciproque, jusqu'à l'affrontement qui verra les adversaires projeter plus que leur technicité dans la balance. C'est donc un léger sentiment de déjà-vu qui prédomine dans cet Anime visuellement charmant mais pas extraordinaire, et qui évite soigneusement d'émettre un jugement sur les mérites comparés du génie instinctif et de la persévérance laborieuse. La plus grande qualité de cet Anime, qui contrairement à ce qu'on pourrait croire, ne baigne absolument pas dans le Fantastique, est d'avoir posé le choix d'ancrer son propos dans la musique classique, offrant ainsi un petit côté didactique pas déplaisant du tout.
November 25, 2010
The film was nominated for the 2008 Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year
November 1, 2009
Its story is about relationship a boy who love a piano and another boy who want to be a pianist. They are pretty good!
Sarah and T.B, You will like it if you watch this movie.^^
July 20, 2009
An excellent anime adaptation of the "Piano no Mori" manga.

It's a simple but thoughtful story about how a friendship between two elementary school boys--one a serious, ambition-driven transfer student from Tokyo and the other a carefree local "wild child"--spurs them both to change and develop as pianists.
½ July 7, 2009
the friendship between these two boys are to be admired. It was beautiful.
½ June 28, 2009
La historia excelente y todavia mejor la musica!!!
½ June 22, 2009
Classic. Way too classic ? Also ethically awkward. For kids under 12.
½ June 18, 2009
faboulous XD it's so nice and the setting is really wonderful
May 31, 2009
this is a very nice movie and i just recomment my friends to have see this movies.
March 24, 2009
"The Piano Forest" is an Original video animation based on the story of a young talented boy, Amamiya Shu, which transfers to Moriwaki elementary filled with hope and ambition. But it doesn't take long before he gets picked on by the class bullies, and gets involved in a dare to play the mysterious piano in the forest. Igniting his meeting with an equally enigmatic child, Ichinose Kai, who seems to be the only one capable getting sound out of the thought to be broken piano.
March 2, 2009
Lighthearted, Enjoyable, Really Sweet.
½ February 11, 2009
Quite a touching movie. The piano scores are simply great to hear. Story is about a boy from Tokyo Shuhei Amamiya, who is a prodigy in piano. He meet a new friend Kai Ichinose from his new class, who told him there's a piano in the forest that can be play but everyone who tries says it can't. Shuhei tried but no notes came out, but Kai can play it and he play it really well even though he has no teacher nor lesson at all. Later they found out the piano belongs to their mean music teacher Ajino, who was a genius in piano world years ago until an accident put him out of action. Shuhei wanted Ajino to be his tutor but he declined. And upon knwing Kai can play the piano, he decide to teach him. Kai could play every score except for one by Chopin. And slowly he learn from Ajino and he made him join the upcoming piano national competition. There's a girl Takako who upon knwing Shuhei is also in the competiton is already giving up hope but Kai told her to think of a relax place while playing. She said she like to stroke her dog while in the bathroom and pretend Kai golden hair as her pet dog. During the competition, Kai played superbly well, finding his "own music" but he didn't make it to top 10 as his style is deprivated from the require condition. Shuhei thought he was beaten before the result was out. And then Shuhei has to go back to Tokyo and they encourage each other. Kai said he is gonna be really boring once Shuhei is gone.
February 10, 2009
Inspiring and light...
December 7, 2008
A bit monotonous in some parts, but liked the ending. Though the ending is a bit unpredicatable.
½ November 16, 2008
A Touching Story Of The Friendship Between Two Boys, Kai Ichinose And Shuhei Amamiya.

I Kinda ADMIRE Kai's Free-Spirited Way Of Living Where Win OR Lose Doesn't Mean Nothing To Him. It's The Journey Where He Finally Found HIMSELF And His PASSION In Music And Most Importantly His FRIENDSHIP With Shuhei That Really MATTERS.

On The Other Hand, Shuhei's Character Is So LIKE Most Of Us, Where More Often Than Not We Worked Hard For Something But For All The WRONG Reasons.

The Morale Of The Story Is We Must Have PASSION In Everything We Do. It Is A Fire From Within. You Must Set Yourself On Fire In Order To Be SUCCESSFUL.
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