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July 12, 2016
Sort of prequel to A Chinese Ghost Story. This movie is not action pack, not scary, rather slow and boring. Wu Ma is bathing in the river when he pick up an abandon child and raise him up. Joey Wang is getting married but along the way in the woods she is chase by the demon king. Joey has no way to go and she jump to her death, end up as wandering spirit. Lawrence Ng is a poor scholar and he let Yuen Biao into his home when there's heavy rain. A demon want to kill Lawrence and Yuen who is the boy grow up to be demon hunter kills it but cause the house burnt. Yuen bring Lawrence back to his home and everyone shun him. He likes May Lo who sells home made puppet. Wu fight with the demon king Elizabeth Lee who likes to kill brides in the woods. The human servant of Joey dies and serve her in spirit. Lawrence paint a picture of Joey and she possess it. Elizabeth is still hunting her and pretend to be a nun wanting to buy his painting. Wu manage to intercept and chase her away. Yuen is sad when May is a bride to be. Joey appear to Lawrence and reveal as a ghost. Wu wanted to kill her but relented. He wanted to help her reincarnate but Yuen destroy his altar, thinking he want to destroy her. Lawrence is caught by May who is a minion to Elizabeth. Yuen has no choice but to kill her to end her misery. Joey is capture to hell and Lawrence follow suit. Wu and Yuen go to save them. The demon is defeated and Joey is touched Lawrence love her and willing and only able to serve him in the picture.
May 9, 2012
It may be a Chinese Ghost Stoey spinoff/ ripoff, but that's not saying it's bad. On the contrary. The Taoist rules.
January 3, 2011
Very good CGS ripp-off. Again Joey hides in a portrait painting, and again the protagonist is a traveling scholar who seeks shelter in a haunted mansion, and again the ghosthunting swordsmaster is played by a grumpy Wu Ma. Nevertheless here everything fits. This one is full of good ideas, humor, innovative monsters and remains interesting until the very last minute. Additionally the movie features Yuen Biao (first half of the movie acting mute) as Wu Ma's adopted son. But all actors are doing a really great job. Even Lawrence Ng (some might know him from Sex and Zen) who is usually rather dorky is doing fine. Together with Fox Legend (aka Lady Fox or Lady Wolf) and Chinese Legend (aka Moon Legend) this is one among the best of it's genre.
½ January 1, 2009
A copycat following the success off [A Chinese Ghost Story] & rising fame off Joey Wong.
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