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½ December 4, 2013
Now here's an insightful little teen film that gets the angst of coming-of-age without having to resort to the same old cliches. "Picture Day" from promising first-time filmmaker Kate Melville is a sensitive portrayal concerning a couple of teens going about the daily grind.

The reckless, wannabe rebel Claire (Tatiana Maslany), forced to attend an extra year of high school, befriends the socially awkward Henry; a boy she used to babysit years earlier. Claire is unaware of their history at first, but Henry isn't, and in fact has never abandoned his long standing, secretly obsessive crush.

"Picture Day" is well written and unpredictable, but it is the terrific work of Maslany (a revelation on TV's "Orphan Black") that makes the film succeed. She's a quirky, natural performer and at 28 somehow plays a high schooler with utter conviction. Her character is flawed, brash, but realistically drawn and we root and sympathize with her. Melville rests a lot on Maslany's performance to great results.

The plot goes some places that don't really work, and some scenes are in need of a good trimming, but this is never the less a rarity in the teen genre; one that favors character development, leisurely pacing, and no easy answers.

This is smart, good-natured indie fare with a terrific performance at it's center. It's imperfect sure, but memorable and well worth seeking out.
April 7, 2015
What Picture Day lacks in tension it almost makes up for in the writer-director's astute understanding of character and acuteness of observation.
½ July 12, 2014
Picture Day [Canada, 2012] Tatiana Maslany. She's all that's needed. 7/10
June 16, 2014
I r disappoint. I love Tatiana but the movie wasn't that engaging. I will say this, though, she sure likes helium, being in her black underwear, and naughty words XD
February 14, 2014
Friday, February 14, 2014

(2012) Picture Day

Written and directed by Kate Miles Melville making yet another pointless coming-of-age story centering onto yet another misunderstood teenage girl in this case it's Claire (Tatiana Maslany) who does nothing except sleep around, drink booze with people who don't really care about her, particularly the struggling rock musician. But ironically, the only person who does care about her is the young teenage guy she used to babysit with. I mean, like whoopee...

Now, while I appreciate the 'raw' looking environment background, it's unable to make it's characters engaging, since each one of them are just as self-absorbed and one-note as the next, as we continue to see them doing things we ourselves can't see ourselves doing. Obviously, inspired by one of Mike Leigh's improvised movies perhaps "Naked" as well as "semi-documentaries such as "Kids" and "Bully". This movie is boring and doesn't add up to nothing.

2 out of 4 stars
December 21, 2013
The only reason I watched this film was because of the impressive performance of Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black. I was not disappointed. The writing has enough realism, humor and irony to to engage and maintain interest. The main two characters Claire and Henry, both develop throughout the film and by the end I was invested and engaged in both of them. From the beginning of the film the character of Claire was presented overtly as sad, immature and lost. Claire was realistic, familiar and sad to watch. I was unsure why I should invest anything in this person. The person that solves this dilemma is Henry, who is immediately archetypal and conveniently likable. At this point I begin to notice all the parallels and connections between relationships that exist between the characters. One thing I was afraid that the film would do is to have Claire ruin the platonic friendship between herself and Henry that was developing. I was impressed that they did not ruin this relationship and, by the end, had a strange, intimate and ultimately constructive relationship. I was impressed by the irony and dry humor throughout the film. Turn Claire's lies about Henry being a suicidal LSD dealer (a very serious and immature thing), into Henry making LSD at his house and becoming dealer, yet telling his parents it is a science project....very funny, yet tragic.
October 11, 2013
Excellent writing and plot execution. The characters are not only believable, they are very entertaining. Tatiana Maslany gave an excellent performance.
½ September 12, 2013
Picture Day is one boring movie! Tatiana Maslany is doing a good job, but the rest of the cast is not that good, or the director just wasn't paying attention on set. The story had nothing interesting in it. Everything was superficial and I could not connect to any of the characters. There is no drama, there is no comedy and I am seriously wondering where to put a movie like this. I would not buy a DVD nor would I tell people to go watch it. I was watching it emotionless and that is never a good sign. The camera work and the editing was basic, nothing special and not bad. Picture Day leaves me with nothing but wasted time.
July 8, 2013
Maslany did an amazing job portraying the journey of Claire's view on relationships and life in general. From not caring about school to actually begging to be let finish her senior year because she's finally found a reason to want more for herself is quite the development. Very entertaining and well written. Definitely would recommend.
½ October 2, 2012
A pretty simple yet effective script, Picture Day isn't the most appealing or entertaining coming-of-age story but there is some quality to it that is worth at least a viewing or two at most.
September 16, 2012
Toronto International Film Festival 2012. A rebellious teenager forced to repeat her last year of high school is caught between adolescence and adulthood - and between two very different male admirers. " Oh man, I am so glad I ended TIFF 2012 with this movie. The two movies I watched previously were so unengaging and unrelatable, but this film, not only was it completely filmed in Toronto and features an all-Canadian cast, but it is also the directorial debut for the Torontoian director. Plus, plus, plus. The cast has wonderful chemistry between each other (probably helped with the fact that they had 5 days of rehearsal beforehand!), and the film is so charming and hits the mark perfectly on awkward teens in high school and the cool badass kids. I love how Toronto-ish it was, with the multicultural students and the city buildings in the background. Anyway, Tatiana Maslany does a fantastic job in lead. She's apparently 27-years-old but you don't notice her age. She does all the mannerisms of a "don't give a fuck" high school teenager, dabbling in things she shouldn't. I am really impressed with the entire cast really. There is a real improv-like naturalness to their acting that helped make the film so relatable. A couple of us asked the filmmakers at the end of the screening if there were any distribution rumours/info, but unfortunately all they have right now is the a TMN deal. Hopefully this will get some distribution. It's vibrant, realistic and charming.
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