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July 20, 2002
A vivid rendering of the complexities of the artist's soul, and a notable attempt to convey the trajectory of a volatile creative life.
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June 30, 2002
This promises to be one of the better films of the year and Bratt's performance deserves at least a nomination...
June 28, 2002
Benjamin Bratt, the pretty boy once seen on the arm of America's sweetheart Julia Roberts, plays Piņero with a passion. It's a star-making performance.
April 18, 2002
God is jealous of Benjamin Bratt, but He's coming around...Bratt's performance [here] is electrifying and charismatic.
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March 22, 2002
Bratt ... takes a giant step forward in terms of credibility.
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March 22, 2002
It's impressionistic and risks incoherence, but it works as a successful montage of the unruly life of a sensitive, talented, but conflicted man whose self-destructiveness it never tries to sugarcoat or deny.
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March 22, 2002
There's no denying that [Bratt's] riveting, live-wire performance as the title character here energizes an otherwise sketchy biography.
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February 4, 2002
Benjamin Bratt gets to show off a lot in the title role, but to his credit he nails Piņero's Beat poetry and transmits startling savagery through his flashing eyes.
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January 25, 2002
A daring, free-spirited and ultimately moving performance by Benjamin Bratt lies at the beating heart of Pinero.
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January 25, 2002
It can be a bit confusing, but it's also rewarding.
January 25, 2002
Seems like it's scrawled in blank verse on the back of a greasy paper bag -- and that's a compliment.
January 25, 2002
For all the film's spectacle, its visual flash and approximation of street 'realism,' its most daring aspect is its willingness to represent Piņero as a vicious, frightened thug.
January 24, 2002
Bratt ... explodes like a cherry bomb in the role.
January 14, 2002
Overall, Ichaso's mosaic of a celebrated misfit has the potential moodiness to resonate as something engagingly reflective.
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December 24, 2001
Who'd have thought Benjamin Bratt could give such an impassioned, stormy, totally absorbing performance that he would leave you gaping in astonishment and admiration?
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December 22, 2001
Worth seeing for Benjamin Bratt's performance.
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December 16, 2001
Director Leon Ichaso circles around the life and the work of Piņero with an intensity that matches the Puerto Rican-born artist's creativity.
December 13, 2001
Offers a highly impressionistic portrait of this self-described 'junkie Christ,' played with riveting intensity by Benjamin Bratt.
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December 13, 2001
Vibrant and compelling.
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December 13, 2001
A dizzying, constantly moving ride through an exciting decade in the blossoming of 'Nuyorican' culture with its most flamboyant figure as our focus.
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