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½ April 12, 2012
If you don't know anything about this artist (like myself), you won't get much out of this biopic.
September 18, 2011
Great poetry of a miserable, so close to be fabulous life: "Cause even if I am half-and-half, any of the halves is more whole than all of you"
½ February 3, 2010
**1/2 (out of four)

Pinero was a poet who lived in New York. The troubled man's life was splattered with excessive drug and
alcohol abuse.

Benjamin Bratt stars as Pinero and he does a good job at showing the poet's torment and disinegration. But his performance is the highlight. The film never finds a cohereant narrative, losing its focus.
½ December 8, 2009
The biopic's cinematic technique is supposed to be vibrant and alive and reflect Pinero's variegated lifestyle. Emphasis on the "supposed to be".
November 23, 2009
The grittiness and realistic look to the film just doesn't work. I can see what they were going for but the movie is quite simply a boring mess. It's disjointed and lacks a cohesive structure. Considering the fact the movie is a biography of a real person, it's amazing the filmmakers were so far off from capturing the character they apparently found interesting. Miguel Pinero isn't interesting or appealing here. You just don;t care.
March 18, 2009
Great! One of my favorites!
½ November 24, 2008
Interesting look at an artist I'd never even heard of.
August 26, 2008
One of my favorite movies. It literally broke me.
June 5, 2008
most respect to el querido "poeta pinero", and props to mr. bratt for some powerul acting...
May 4, 2008
must see unbelievable film maby the best movie i v ever seen
April 12, 2008
An excellent performance from Benjamin Bratt.
½ March 3, 2008
Another dull tale of wasted talent
February 23, 2008
super meega genial!!!!!!!!!!!!!
February 19, 2008
in collection...not seen it
November 6, 2007
Benjamin Bratt resurrects the spirit of the playwright, poet and actor Miguel Piñero Written and directed by Leon Ichaso who also helmed El cantante and Sugarhill 2 of my other favorite movies
November 4, 2007
Brilliant acting by Benjamin Bratt & Giancarlo Esposito mirrors the real-life talent of the poet Pinero.
November 1, 2007
Everyone has something to say, not everyone get's the chance to have a finger stuck down their throat to make you throw it up....
October 30, 2007
This is a brilliantly filmed movie in a very artistic/ theatrical way. A portrait of a genius mind, a tormented heroin junkie and a "street poet", who finds his "own voice" in jail and writes a controversial play about the life behind the bars. Incredible and fascinating!!!
My absolute favorite!!!!!
October 9, 2007
Own it. Worth watching thrice.
½ September 24, 2007
Real deep!If you into poetry im sure you´ll love this. Benjamin Pratt plays Miguel Piñero, The puerto rican Poet who was a drugaddict, thief, criminal, pimp but still was succesfull and wrote many plays and also made tv-series and books. This is good stuff right here!!!
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