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Ping Pong Summer Quotes

  • Stacy Summers: Rad!
    Radford "Rad" Miracle: You look different.
    Stacy Summers: Listen... I'm so sorry things got so messed up between us, but I'm getting my life back on track and I'm off the funk punch forever.
    Radford "Rad" Miracle: What about cocaine?
    Stacy Summers: I never did cocaine, Rad. I guess you could say brain freeze was my addiction.
    Radford "Rad" Miracle: Then what was the powder you mixed into your funk punch?
    Stacy Summers: That was pixy stix. It doubled the power of my brain freeze, but from here on out, I am sugar-free stacey.
    Radford "Rad" Miracle: Good for you.

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