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For his third film as a director and his third film directing Clint Eastwood, stunt-man Buddy Van Horn helmed this action comedy involving a skip tracer, some neo-nazis, and the titular vehicle. Eastwood stars as Tommy Nowak, a bounty hunter with a knack for catching bail-skippers with an array of costumes and characters. After he captures a young woman (Bernadette Peters), he suddenly finds himself between the woman's good-for-nothing husband and his white supremacist cohorts and the wads of cash hidden in the pink Cadillac she's driving. With the skin-heads hot on their tail, a romance sparks between the skip-tracer and his captive. Written by John Eskow, Pink Cadillac costars Timothy Carhart and Michael Des Barres.

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Clint Eastwood
as Tommy Nowak
Bernadette Peters
as Lou Ann McGuinn
Timothy Carhart
as Roy McGuinn
Jimmie F. Skaggs
as Billy Dunston
Bill Moseley
as Darrell
Gary Howard Klar
as Randy Bates
Bill McKinney
as Bartender
Jim Carrey
as Lounge Entertainer
Mara Corday
as Stick Lady
Bob Feist
as Rodeo Announcer
Gary Leffew
as John Capshaw
Bob Harvey
as Skip Tracer in Diner
Julie Hoopman
as Waitress
Travis Swords
as Capshaw's Attorney
Randy Kirby
as District Attorney
Linda Hoy
as Lou Ann's Secretary
Bryan Adams
as Gas Station Attendant
John Fleck
as Lounge Lizard
Erik C. Westby
as Room Service Waiter
Richie Allen
as Derelict
Roy Conrad
as Barker
Wayne Storm
as Jack Bass
James Cromwell
as Motel Desk Clerk
Sven Ole Thorsen
as Birthright Thug
Dirk Blocker
as Policeman
Lenny Garner
as Policeman
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Critic Reviews for Pink Cadillac

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  • As a deeply personal work about free-floating existential identities, this 1989 film has the kind of grit and feeling that few action comedies can muster, with Eastwood and Peters interesting and unpredictable throughout.

    May 5, 2008 | Full Review…
  • It is the laziest sort of action comedy, with lumbering chase scenes, a dull-witted script and the charmless pairing of Mr. Eastwood and Bernadette Peters.

    Aug 30, 2004 | Rating: 1/5
  • An overlong, undercooked action comedy made out of retooled parts from other film vehicles.

    May 12, 2001
  • There's little that's new in the material, and nobody seems to have asked whether the emotional charge of blatant racism belongs in a lightweight story like this -- even if the racists are the villains.

    Jan 1, 2000 | Rating: 1/4 | Full Review…
  • It's weightlessly, irredeemably enjoyable.

    Jan 1, 2000 | Full Review…
  • Somehow works as one of Clint Eastwood's lesser vehicles.

    Jul 4, 2017 | Rating: B- | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Pink Cadillac

  • Jul 02, 2019
    In the long long long filmography of the mighty Clint Eastwood, this has to be one of the most unusual. Unusual in the fact that whilst watching it you're wondering just why the hell he agreed to star in it (other than lots of money obviously). In short, this movie is absolute hot garbage, red hot trash, and I'm not being funny. It's just odd because this is Clint we're talking about and this movie really is [b]that[/b] bad. So basically, Lou Ann (Bernadette Peters) is white trash living in a trailer park (yep the stereotypes come thick n fast here). Her other half Roy (Timothy Carhart) is a member of a white supremacist group (perfect political commentary for this modern age as everyone loves white supremacists these days). The group has a large sum of counterfeit money (turns out to be real but that matters not one jot in the grand scheme of things) which Roy is supposed to look after. Alas he gets busted and Lou Ann takes the fall. Feeling somewhat fed up Lou Ann does a runner in Roy's pink Cadillac (ah ha!) which is exactly where he stores the loot (see where this is going yet?). So Roy and his nasty white male friends go after her. At the same time Tommy Nowak (Eastwood) is hired to track down Lou Ann and bring her back to Sacramento (I think it was) cos she skipped bail. Naturally Tommy finds her but falls in love and ends up helping her yadda yadda yadda. Oh and there's also a baby involved which probably would have been killed by the end of this story considering all the danger. OK so firstly Clint is clearly too old in this movie. He was too old way before this but its really showing here. Yeah he looks sort of OK but he can barely move with any speed and its painfully obvious in all action sequences which don't involve simply standing still and punching someone. There are far too many obvious stunt double moments and one sequence where Tommy runs after this other guy in downtown Reno (unfortunately an aged fat bloke) is hilariously awful looking. Both guys are [b]clearly[/b] running at a snails pace and [b]clearly[/b[ having trouble at that! It really does look very very bad. The very first time we see Tommy bust some criminal he's been hired to track is also really stupid. Tommy is supposedly a master of disguise (oh yes) and he goes to this huge amount of trouble to set this criminal up. But in a wholly idiotic move he reveals himself to the criminal [b]before[/b] he gets the guy fully in his car. This of course leads to a fight which totally could have been avoided. Now let's focus on Tommy and his disguises, and by that I mean Clint and his God awful acting. Yep Clint can do the steely-eyed, somewhat muted tough guy, but sure as hell can't do comedy. The scene where he's pretending to be some kind of brash casino contest host is pure cringe, 100% face behind your hands cringe. Later on he then pretends to be a slack-jawed yokel type, oh Jesus! But wait, that's not all. The movie is titled 'Pink Cadillac' after the car they use for most of the runtime. This is completely pointless though because they could have used any car, it really didn't make a blind bit of difference. I guess it just sounded kinda cool. Much of the movie is set in Reno which I have been to and here lies another problem. Reno is a small city, the main casino strip is actually very small, just two or three rather short streets that don't actually have that many casinos (as of 2019). So it's pretty clear they must have driven around in circles to make the car chases and in-car shots look good. And then we have the bad guys, oh boy. Now these guys are your stereotypical gun wielding, redneck, yeehaw yokels that seemingly do nothing all day but get drunk and fire guns in their homemade firing range. They all dress as you'd expect in military fatigues or jeans with big belt buckles, and they all have guns, knives, and big 4x4 trucks. Their homemade base is just like some Scout camping activity centre complete with a fake town to run around in and shoot guns. And their leader Alex (Michael Des Barres) is a short scrawny little guy with a greasy ponytail. The bad guys literally look like a bunch of dads at Scout camp trying to look cool. Yeah so this movie will probably pan out exactly as you might expect...except for one thing, we don't actually know what happens to most of the characters at the end. Yes believe it or not but this movie isn't that violent. In fact you hardly see any bad guys getting killed at all. I would have bet my bottom Dollar on some of the arsehole baddies getting killed off but nope. But referring back to my original point, we don't actually find out what happens to most of the bad guys. Do they simply stop being supremacists? Or do they even live? Dunno. Same goes for Lou Ann's other half Roy who is a main character. No clue what happens to him. The movie just ends after a car chase just as you were expecting the boss to get killed, did he? You just hear the sound effects of a car crashing (low budget? Lack of time?). So yeah, a cheap looking pile of poo basically. The final showdown really highlights how poor this movie is. It's like a TV show. The only plus point that I can think of was the nice locations and backdrops. It feels like an ill-conceived comedy spin-off from the [i]Dirty Harry[/i] franchise. A huge misfire trying to ride the coattails of another Clint hit.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Dec 26, 2010
    I have no idea why people hate this movie, it's such a classic. Clint Eastwood gives his most zany performance of his career, being a costume wearing identity changer/bounty hunter. Forget just regular villains, this has a band of Neo-Nazis as the only thing standing in Clint Eastwood's way. In the end though, not even they really stood a chance. This has a great combination of comedy, action and a little bit of romance thrown in. It has so many great moments and is impossible to pass up if you're a fan.
    Conner R Super Reviewer
  • Nov 27, 2007
    A woman who's had just about enough of her worthless hubby, takes their baby and his pink convertible and runs off. What she doesn't realize is that there's a huge stash hidden in the car; before... A woman who's had just about enough of her worthless hubby, takes their baby and his pink convertible and runs off. What she doesn't realize is that there's a huge stash hidden in the car; before long she's the object of everyone's attention -- including that of a handsome bail-bondsman who may prove to be her knight in shining armor.
    Martin D Super Reviewer
  • Jul 09, 2007
    Had to watch it.....wish I hadnt.
    Barry L Super Reviewer

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