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April 11, 2009
Dreams are something we all need to have, irrespective of age; this uplifting fable reminds us of that.
March 26, 2009
Continues to shine bright as one of the most magical and delightful films in the Disney animated library.
March 20, 2009
Pinocchio is above all a cautionary story of the dangers that lurk beyond the comforting arms of the family.
March 17, 2009
In spirit a classical European fairy tale, full of wonder and terror … a pinnacle of artistic achievement that, after Bambi, classic Disney would never even try to match again.
March 15, 2009
The original Scared Straight!
March 13, 2009
It's still amazing to watch the sheer delight in movement and the sheer joy in decorating the frame with colors and shapes.
March 10, 2009
Nope, no perverted subtext here.
September 3, 2008
Pinocchio is a substantial piece of entertainment for young and old.
August 31, 2008
The charm, humor and loving care with which it treats its inanimate characters puts it in a class by itself.
March 10, 2008
It still is the best thing Mr. Disney has done and therefore the best cartoon ever made.
March 10, 2008
Probably shows Disney's virtues and vices more clearly than any other cartoon.
March 10, 2008
A witty, touching, beautifully composed fable with strong biblical undertones.
March 10, 2008
The moral lessons include a literalization of metaphors about lying and other forms of misbehaving, and the grasp of a little boy's emotions and behavior often borders on the uncanny.
October 29, 2007
June 27, 2007
Can be enjoyed by both the young and old for its fine detailed craftsmanship and pleasing fairytale story.
December 22, 2005
For today's knotty kids, Pinocchio's tale still has a few lessons, especially for little boys who lie, ditch school and go to amusement parks.
November 18, 2005
October 28, 2005
Possibly the best Disney animated feature
July 2, 2005
April 6, 2005
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