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½ September 13, 2017
Well shiver my timbers...this here be damn complicated! The third and final part of the pirates trilogy (or so we thought). I've never until now have not understood the plot of a Disney film. Yep its long long long, overdrawn, CGI filled complicated mess with so many sub plots and double crosses I forgot what the film was about. This film is also, apparently, the most expensive film ever made ever! how fitting that its the worst in the trilogy.

In short you have to know the back story for the last two films relatively well to keep up. The plot is even more convoluted than the second film and unfortunately it no longer has the wow factor, originality or nice fantasy element either. To be honest whilst watching I got a distinct sensation that I was watching deleted scenes merely pieced together to create another film. The film really does have that slightly disjointed vibe about it.

I think one of the things that got me was the fact the characters just didn't matter anymore. In the second film Davy Jones was the terror of the seas with his firesome appearance, monstrous crew and pet Kraken (unadventurous end for that beastie), now in this film he is reduced to lingering in the background whilst people talk. A great character reduced to an extra virtually. Barbossa of course was the terror of the first film and he has now been slowly reduced to Sparrow's sidekick of sorts, then we have new character Sao Feng who really doesn't matter. He looks good and its a nice touch to see the Orient in the film but the whole setup is wasted! Again merely background fodder whilst we must watch Depp do his now overdone thing and the quite uninteresting love conflict between Turner and Swann.

I might add that Knightly has been completely covered in makeup for this last entry, absolutely smothered on her face. She looks like an orange with thick eyebrows! its pretty bad and pretty obvious if you ask me, looks unintentionally amusing.

Yet the sequences showing Sparrow's descent into madness whilst in Davy Jones locker I quite liked even though many didn't. I actually thought those scenes were quite original and well thought out giving us something fresh which is quite hard really, especially with the content you're trying to visualise here. The little moments of quirky insanity with Sparrow felt a bit Raimi-esque if you ask me, reminded me of 'Army of Darkness' and Ash going nuts whilst splitting in two. A bit of a stump in the films fluidity sure but it showed some ingenuity, giving some more uniqueness in-between the other bland action bits.

Of course this being a modern day sequel the films gotta be BIG, REAL BIG! You want overblown CGI enhanced action set pieces then voila! I can't deny it all looks terrific and perfectly piratey but blimey gov! How overboard must they go...no pun intended. The perfect example? How about Turner and Swann in a blazing cutlass battle with hordes of bad guys in the midst of a booming sea storm. During this pitch battle to the death they shout out to Barbossa to marry them...he too is in the midst of a fight to the death.

So that he does, we have an utterly ludicrous action sequence with all three exterminating every bad guy with ease whilst they get married. Now I realise this film is purely for fun and all ages, to a degree, but come on, did we have to go there? Its sequences like this that totally remove you from the film. Sure you gotta have some suspension of disbelief and that's why its OK to have some slightly fantastical elements but at least give us some small note of emotion, a small drop of actual realistic danger for the characters. No point loading up a brand new video game only to slap on the invincibility cheat and play through.

It takes us awhile but when we do eventually get to the pirate convention in Shipwreck Cove the film does perk up a bit momentarily. The introduction of the pirate city council as it were...was a nice touch, some great looking characters there. I liked how they show us pirates from various different countries, different backgrounds and cultures, they are all well crafted if a little bit cliched too just for fun. But all this leads me to another problem, why couldn't we see more of these guys and less of the rest? The finale sea battle builds up as if we will see every pirate and his crew fight...what happened there?! We see Sparrow's Pearl go up against the Dutchman but what about the masses of other ships? All the other pirate ships? I thought they wanted to fight, instead they all watch? I think Verbinski finally realised it was all getting out of hand and too big, I'll just conveniently let the other vessels disappear for the last bit.

In all honesty I had to do some internet/wiki research after watching this film to actually understand what happened here and there, get to grips with the plot. The whole 'Calypso' thing had me floundered for some time I can't deny, had to pinpoint exactly what the hell was going on with that. The piratey dialog while sounding cool, didn't help with trying to follow various sub plots.

There are lots of nice fun little touches throughout the film which remind you what the film was previously...before it became too big. We all know the film is just too flippin busy, too much going on, I think they could of left a lot out or at least leave some characters out, have them tied up and done in the second film or early on. The whole franchise is terribly bloated when it didn't have to be. Its still a solid set of films with a good story, but the first film is the only one which is looked upon favourably, shame really as these last two films could/should so easily have been classics too.
September 10, 2017
Great sequel for Dead Man Chest!
½ September 10, 2017
The last of the original trilogy and this franchise still didn't feel completely off the rails. Although there are too many twists and with the introduction of the Pirate Council, too many characters, this is still an enjoyable journey into this world which Disney have created. Luckily Depp still feels true to the character here and the scenes in the afterlife are great. Unfortunately the action takes a turn in this film and with the writing off of the Kraken in the last story the viewer is left with a feeling that a confrontation between Jack and the beast was left wanting. To add to this the Maelstrom battle at the end is not as exciting as it could have been as CGI feels like it takes over. Still a good ending to the trilogy and it did feel like an ending of sorts at the end.
August 28, 2017
The whole trilogy is amazing
August 24, 2017
A nice ending to a very good movie trilogy
August 23, 2017
This where the Pirates franchise begins to lose the plot completely folks.
August 5, 2017
'At World's End' is a correct but non transcendant way to end the trilogy, which starts oddly without being cretinous and remains entertaining. In spite of the strangeness of the plot - which seems to try to deal with too many intrigues at once -, Verbinski's last 'Pirates of the Carribean' is visually thrilling, action-packed, featuring successful actors (especially Depp), and having a great score (also because Zimmer stole Morricone's 'Man with the Harmonica', after having borrowed some ideas he had for Scott's 'Gladiator').
August 2, 2017
Very entertaining throughout the film
½ July 29, 2017
The movie was a big disappointment with it being stretched to long along with it being to predictable a draw humor along with resolutions that weren't well thought out
July 29, 2017
this is the darkest of all the pirate movies but still has it's funny moments. this movie is however to long and can get confusing at times.

July 28, 2017
Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end is pretty intense I like the fighting and action to this movie! Johnny Depp did a good job playing in this he was funny I thought as all ways I'm a fan of this movie go jack sparrow as all ways the movie cast is good it is all ways good! Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Nightly and Geoffrey Rush do good in the movie!
July 28, 2017
A good movie with more action and great special effects and more humor in this summer blockbuster action epic movie
July 14, 2017
Extremely overlong and occasionally dull, but still bringing enough thrills and laughs to finish somewhat well.
July 12, 2017
The movie was good. It was somewhat long, had a bad ending and at times was not very believable, but once again Jack Sparrow saved the day and made the movie so funny.
July 7, 2017
great fantasy and very funny
½ July 5, 2017
Not horrible but it doesn't live up to the other two the movie doesn't start getting good until Jack shows up
July 1, 2017
Best pirates film ever
½ June 30, 2017
This was a bit of a let-down. Nothing nearly as spectacular visually as the skeleton pirates of the first, or Davey Jones of the 2nd. It just seemed to wrap up in spite of itself. Meh.
June 26, 2017
The storyline lacks the originality of the first two, but At World's End is still enjoyable despite action sequences that kind of drag on. It's definitely longer than it has to be, but Depp still delivers a satisfying performance.
½ June 26, 2017
A solid sequel with loads of action but it doesn't match the curse of the black pearl in quality nor effort but does so in action and acting.
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