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April 24, 2016
A Comparative Look at the Pirates Series - Part 2: Dead Man's Chest

The second entry in the series returns to the world of pirates in a much broader perspective in terms of story.

It is still an Adventure film in many ways, but I think this and the next in the series is far more in the realm of Fantasy. Dead Man's Chest brings back the characters that we were introduced to in the first film, and many new ones to add more depth to the 'Pirates' world.

At the beginning of the film we return to the island where William Turner, and Elizabeth Swann have recently started their life together. Very early on, their relationship is threatened by a new and much more human villain. Under the employ of the East India Trading Company, a man by the name of Cutler Beckett uses his financial and political clout to arrest both William and Elizabeth for their acts of piracy in the first film. He uses this to manipulate William to hunt down Jack Sparrow and bring him to justice. Jack hasn't changed much since the first film. When we are introduced to him, he is literally escaping what looks like hell, and he does so with such ease that he makes it look like fun. In addition we are introduced to another new villain, Davy Jones (fantastically played by Bill Nighy) who is consumed by an immortal quest to sail the seas and collect the souls of the dead to spend 100 years aboard his ship in service. Personally, I think he is my favourite personality throughout the series, if not just for the facial expressions he (and the FX team) managed to portray through the digital design of the character.

This movie and its sequel serve a much larger portion of plot to the viewer. Dead Man's Chest serves as the middle story for the original trilogy of films. There is a definite negative undertone throughout as each character goes through their own trials and alliances are tested. It becomes quite obvious that each person will play their part and betrayal is the main theme of this movie. Despite the fondness William may have for Jack, they are pitted against each other. Elizabeth finds herself in a position of power for the first time and must use it to manipulate Jack to her own ends. And of course the villains of the film pulling the strings to achieve their own ends.

This entry is probably the darkest in tone, and certainly has an undertone of death to it. The fight scenes are certainly aggressively violent for a Disney movie, but I think it was essential for this adventure. It is the 'Empire Strikes Back' of the series, and so; ends with a cliff-hanger as expected. It maintains that level of excitement throughout and plays an important role in the series, although perhaps not as lighthearted and fun as the original.

½ April 9, 2016
Definitely doesn't live up to it's name, at least not on it's own. After seeing the third, it makes much more sense and is more entertaining. Basically, they tried to do a little too much and the trailers were much too revealing. Still, I bought the DVD because I like the third and would like the whole set.
½ April 6, 2016
This is a great move, worth watching. Please see it!!
April 3, 2016
I loved it as a kid, and now after 10 years it's still entertaining as hell.
April 2, 2016
Good sequel to the first one that leaves you wanting for more!!
½ March 26, 2016
Good but I dont think sequels were needed, But we expect them everytime a movie does well which can ruin a good thing, Pirates 2 just about keeps the series alive but it's nothing on the first in most ways.
March 16, 2016
Yeah, sure, it's the same as the last film, but the best thing about this, was the kraken! Man o man, was that beast terrifying or what!? Unfortunately, Orlando and Keira are no longer necessary in this sequel, and are kind of a waste of my time! Johnny hams it up just like in the first film, and was still enjoyable to watch!
March 11, 2016
Great sequel. Bill Nighy's performance as Davy Jones is just classic. Great music as well.
March 4, 2016
Awesome movie. Cool action and very funny. This is one of my all time favorite movies.
½ March 4, 2016
Not as good as the first, but still entertaining.
March 3, 2016
Greatest Pirates Ever!!
½ February 26, 2016
Dead Man's Chest makes an extreme step up from the down to earth first movie, and manages to be even more entertaining. On the other side, Dead Man's Chest fiels like half a movie, and has many scenes that are totally unnecessary and do little to further expand the story.
Super Reviewer
February 23, 2016
This may be an unpopular opinion but I firmly believe that this is the best of these movies . . . the financial success of the first one ensured that both Depp and Verbinski could be as weird as the wanted to here and boy does it pay off.
½ January 30, 2016
This second movie is a lot more complicated than the first, and is confusing at times. It is still very entertaining though, and adds a couple new characters to the series. The atmosphere is again spot-on. (First viewing - 7/7/2006 in theaters)
January 28, 2016
This movie doesn't seem like a stand-alone, but much like a bridge between the first and third. It lacks suspense, thrill and humor accordingly.
½ January 9, 2016
POTC: DMC is a reasonably entertaining sequel. It's beautiful scenery and amazing action alone make up for the flaws in this movie. Though the premise may be too weird for some, It reunites our favorite characters on another heart stopping adventure.
½ January 5, 2016
The movie is visually stunning. The performances are still great and not annoying yet, some parts get annoying at times due to its length but I made it through. The movie is action packed, has a good villain, and sets up the next films quite nicely. Yeah it drags but I love the universe and the characters so much I can sit through it.
December 30, 2015
chapeau for this work
December 8, 2015
The sword fight on Isla Cruces is still one of my favorite action sequences of all time!
December 6, 2015
Suitably epic and fun, Dead Man's Chest benefits from Johnny Depp's performance, outstanding special effects and some impressive action sequences. It's lenght though, may prove to be tedious for some.
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