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The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie Reviews

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July 17, 2013
What a disappointing turnout. This movie's style has changed since the previous film, and is now pandering to little kids that being enjoyable by everyone. This movie won't be enjoyable than anyone over eight. For those under eight, I guess it's fine for them, but show them Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie first.
June 22, 2013
The kids love pirates & the veggie tales!
½ June 10, 2013
Another funny VeggieTales movie.
May 26, 2013
A cool kids film. I loved it a while back. But I think about it more and I think about it more and I think that I don't really care for it.
March 24, 2013
I grew up with VeggieTales, and it's good to see it on the big screen again. The animation is ok, and the plot is a little stale, but still bearable. And the humor can be funny at times. And let's not forget the voices. Thsi movie is not as grand as a VeggieTales movie, but still does decent on it's own.
½ January 20, 2013
While the plot is mostly cliche and they abandoned an explicitly-Christian message, it still maintains Veggie Tales' offbeat sense of humor and includes a Christ figure.
January 6, 2013
so excited about this one, can't be any worse than Jonah and Relient K's version of the song is in the preview!
January 4, 2013
A swashbuckling adventure which expands the Veggie universe to the 17th Century and beyond! See Larry, Pa and Mr Lunt go on a reluctant quest to save a kidnapped prince. Great values for little ones - a fun, funny, funtastic movie!
½ December 31, 2012
if you have not grown up with veggie tales you will not like this
November 26, 2012
It's the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!!! Need I say more?
November 8, 2012
It's VeggieTales. I don't care what the critics say.
November 8, 2012
It's VeggieTales. I don't care what the critics say.
October 27, 2012
I love veggie tales!
October 4, 2012
I rented this but never got to watch it.
October 3, 2012
The voice of Sasuke from Naruto is in this movie. Learn something new everyday
August 7, 2012
I don't care how old I am... veggie tales rock!! lols...yes...i am a nerd.
June 22, 2012
This sounds so funny
June 12, 2012
Most of me liking this movie was just me TRYING to like it because of my nostalgic past with VeggieTales. You will only enjoy this film if you are a hardcore VT fan.
June 7, 2012
this really makes me glad i grew up in the 80's (during the early days of CBN) with shows like Superbook, Circle Square, Sunshine Factory etc.....todays kids brought up in religious households are stuck watching this crap till sundown
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