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½ July 22, 2012
This was a bad movie Sunday selection by myself, but it could have been a lot worse. Acting was pretty bad and she is still pretty hot, even though this was made many years after her prime...
½ March 24, 2011
Although The Pitcher and the Pin-up has its moments, the inevitabilty of a ending even a walrus could predict makes it all feel rather flat. There's nothing worse that sitting through almost two hours of bad choices, and that's what audiences are forced to endure. I know life isn't perfect, but the unlikehood of Danny's bad luck becomes almost absurd by end's end.

I hate to pick a flick apart for production values when money (or lack of it) was obviously an issue, but the baseball scenes really suffer. Every ounce of drama was completely sucked out each cliched third strike. Faults like that could have been easily forgiven if the writing had been better but alas ... As told in one scene by the anouncer of a game in which Danny was pitching, "It couldn't have been scripted any better!" Could have fooled me.
½ January 8, 2006
Much better than it's ridiculous title implies. The should have stuck with the original title "The Road Home". It's not totally professional, has an anateurishness about it. Predictable. It's watchable and has a basically good storyline. Just a bit bland.
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