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May 10, 2009
Excellent film about growing up.
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½ October 28, 2008
The Peter Pan Formula is not about never ending youth. Instead it deals with becoming an adult. Even if it means dealing with a lot all at once. After his mother goes into a coma Hansoo must care for her, deal with debts and as a result he suffers in swimming and at school. Although he doesn't exactly find solace in those around him he does gently observe those close to him (literally close, not in an emotional way). There's the daughter of his mother's roommate at the hospital who prostitutes herself out, presumably to pay for the medical bills. His next door neighbour who tries to help Hansoo in a bizarre way and her step daughter who may be mentally ill or may be faking. These are broken people in many ways and Hansoo does himself no favours in associating himself with them as opposed to the teachers and swim coaches that wish to help. He learns things in his own way and like us all must make mistakes. The film handles its subjects very delicately even when they may seem crude. A scene that finds Hansoo having to bathe his mother captures the awkwardness and tenderness all at once. The film uses supporting characters as ways to explore Hansoo which can sometimes leave them feeling empty and under explored. The delicate handling of weird situations will also turn some people off but overall it's an interesting if uncomfortable ride.
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