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Pixels Quotes

  • Eddie "The Fire Blaster" Plant: I made your game my bitch.

  • Sam Brenner: Oh, God no!
    Lt. Col. Violet Van Patten: "Oh, God no!" What?
    Lt. Col. Violet Van Patten: Oh, God no what?
    Ludlow Lamonsoff: He ate the power pellet. That means Pac-Man has only ten seconds before he eats us!

  • Sam Brenner: I'm Donkey Kong Champion of the world.
    Lt. Col. Violet Van Patten: And the Donkey Kong Champion of the world doesn't need patterns.
    Sam Brenner: Reset button!

  • Eddie "The Fire Blaster" Plant: Guards, get me outta here! It's that mean Centipede killer! I hope he don't zap me with his space gun!
    Sam Brenner: How are you, Eddie?
    Eddie "The Fire Blaster" Plant: Sup, Second Place? Oh, and your sidekick here! Presidonut! I didn't know you could have an approval rating so "catatastrophic!"

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff: Are you guys soliders or the cast of magic mike?

  • Sam Brenner: Pac-Man's a bad guy?

  • Sam Brenner: I've been waiting to do this since 1982.

  • Sam Brenner: Are you OK?
    Lt. Col. Violet Van Patten: I'm sitting in my closet and drinking chardonnay from a sippy cup. Do I look OK?
    Sam Brenner: I'm gonna say no.

  • Sam Brenner: Did you play space invaders recently?
    Ludlow Lamonsoff: Yes. How did you know?/Why?
    Ludlow Lamonsoff: Yes. How did you know? Why?
    Sam Brenner: Cuz you're invading my space. Back off.

  • Matty: Pretend you're the guy and you don't want to die.

  • Sam Brenner: Also known as
    Ludlow Lamonsoff: Your worst nightmare!
    Sam Brenner: Why...

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff: The only way to take down pac-man is with ghosts!

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff: I believe that some alien life force sent down sent down real life video games to attack us.
    Sam Brenner: That makes sense.

  • Sam Brenner: Pac Man's a bad guy?

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