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½ October 4, 2013
Awesome movie about a guy missing his coming of age, but getting a second chance at it. A must see underground movie.
May 30, 2012
I'm still shocked that someone, somewhere thought that Arliss Howard, that charisma-free nothing actor, could be a leading man. Ever.
February 7, 2011
Not a great movie due to cheezy fight scenes, but I really like it.
November 9, 2010
"An Undercover Nightmare."

Cheesy 80's comedy directed by Martha Coolidge (who previously directed the seminal 80's teen comedies Valley Girl & Real Genius). Arliss Howard goes undercover in a high school to find the real killer of one of the teachers. He plays a young looking 24 year old police officer, ironically, he was 34 at the time. The rest of the cast is a 80's whose who, including Suzy Amis (Fandango), George Wendt (Cheers), Diane Ladd (Wild At Heart), Robert Stack(Caddy Shack 2), Harry Shearer (Spinal Tap), Reginald VelJohnson (Family Matters), and Max Perlich (Gleaming The Cube). Also, some old timers appear, such as Abe Vigoda (Godfather) and Seymour Cassel (Rushmore).

The soundtrack features a bunch of obscure Knack songs, and the cast

Kyle: And do you know what we do with shit around here, Nick?
Nick: From your breath, I'd say you eat it.

Punk Guy: You're a cop?
Nick: Surprise, surprise.

Nick: You're a teacher?
Robin Torrence: Surprise, surprise.

Robin Torrence: You're a cop?
Nick: Surprise, surprise.

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Nick: Gee, Kyle, is this really fair? There are only three of you!
[two more Wardens appear]
Nick: Ah. That's more like it.

Ed Malmburg: You're supposed to be helping your brother Matt, not getting nippy with some cheerleaders!

Kyle: Tonight's the night, Nick.
Nick: Gee, that sounds really romantic, Kyle, but right now I can't.

Mr. Wiseman: I knew it! I knew he was too polite to be a student!

Dave Hechtor: Will somebody please tell me what the hell's going on?
Ed Malmburg: Gee, it's your case, Dave.

Punk Girl: They actually put cops on stuff like this?
Nick: Tell me about it.

Captain Graff: Dunbar, get me a cup of coffee, two sugars.
Nick: Yes, sir.
Punk Girl: Easy to see who has all the status around here, Dunbar.

Matt Dunbar: Just pretend to be a student - you're supposed to be good at that kind of thing.
Nick: Matt, no one is going to believe I am a high school kid.
Matt Dunbar: Nick, be serious - no one believes you're a cop!
December 13, 2009
Very original fun movie about a rookie cop having to go back to high school to solve a murder, that his younger brother is accused off. Let's go scope some Betty's
May 30, 2009
Great movie I saw when I was younger. Funny story about a cop who goes undercover at his brothers highschool to catch a killer.
March 16, 2009
Few films provide a mix of EE Cummings and George Wendt with just a dash of Stack. No body ever called it Glory Days. I am offended by the suggestion.
½ September 4, 2008
Sadly, too low-budget to really score, but the cast tries hard. And the film does manage to crank out some laughs, suspense and action.
Worth a look if your not too demanding.
August 3, 2008
They need to release this film on DVD! It's magnificent!
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