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½ June 3, 2017
I'm not sure what the point of this film was. It was not serious enough to be the sort of film that teaches a lesson to someone. Nor was it funny enough to be taken too lightly. It does not have enough depth to the characters for the viewer to really understand why they do what they do. Overall, it was just something to watch, but it is not really worth watching.
½ July 1, 2016
Funny but serious drama about a stripper and the life she hopes to get out of. Bernie Mac is his usual scene stealing self,
December 2, 2015
rented movie but what do I go to to watch it
April 16, 2015
I walked in a young lady and walked out a woman.

Diamond is a struggling single mother that has to pay her way through college because she was adamant about going to a black college and her parents did not support her decisions. She also has a child and the dad is not in the picture. One day she is presented with an opportunity to work at a strip club to earn some extra income and she reluctantly takes the job. She quickly discovers life as a stripper has pitfalls around every corner.

"He was the one that gave me the name Diamond; he said because I have a pretty face, but he never looked at my face."

Ice Cube delivers The Player's Club in the only project he has directed. The storyline for this is just okay with some interesting dynamics and character situations they find themselves in. The plot suffers a little with trying to be serious with the strip club story with a mix of awkward comedic performances in a serious plot. The performances are a bit uneven but not bad and the cast includes LisaRaye McCoy, Ice Cube, Jaime Foxx, Bernie Mac, Michael Clarke Duncan, Charlie Murphy, Monica Calhoun, Terrence Howard, Big Boy, Master P, and John Amos.

"Sometimes family brings you down faster than strangers."

I found this on HBOGO and decided to watch it for the first time since college. It was fun because I had forgot a lot of the nuances of the picture. The overall outcome is fairly well done and I generally enjoy this movie. There are a ton of "could have been better" scenes, but I will say this movie is worth a lazy Sunday viewing.

"Fuck all of you with a sick dick."

Grade: C+
April 5, 2015
This movie seems so interested
½ March 23, 2015
It's no Striptease, hell it's barely even Showgirls.
June 14, 2014
Great movie of the club
January 10, 2014
Great movie real life
October 13, 2013
Glad it had a positive ending
September 11, 2013
diamond a bad bitch!!! make that money don't let it make you. i wish i was in the movie i would suck all over them wonderful nipples
September 9, 2013
My all time favorite movie
August 5, 2013
i really want ta see it
½ July 9, 2013
Showgirls in Da' Hood. As insightful and entertaining as Friday, while remaining painfully realistic and riveting.
½ May 28, 2013
i thought it was really good. the story seemed really down to earth, true, gritty, and comical. the performances were great which is expected from the cast....charlie murphey isnt listed on the side but he was in it as well as ice cube.
May 16, 2013
i think they made good use of a low budget shooting in maybe 3 or 4 locations its not a great movie but it not bad
May 1, 2013
Showgirls, Striptease, gone hood!
April 22, 2013
I havent seen it in years,i love this movie
January 17, 2013
Ha Ha of the best
January 13, 2013
do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 15, 2012
I absolutely love this movie, my all time favorite.
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