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September 21, 2013
A documentary that starts off as Danny Ledonne explaining why he made a game about Columbine and eventually turns into a discussion over the concept of video games as an art form, "Playing Columbine" is a decent dialogue. While obviously a fluff piece at points, the fact that Danny switches the focus on the movie from Super Columbine Massacre RPG! to video game controversies in general is pretty astounding - a bait and switch technique while still maintaining the message Danny wants to send: that the media wants to view things in black-and-white morality as opposed to those shades of grey.

I'm honestly convinced that ColumbineBound did open up a lot of avenues regarding mainstreamed art games. You know, your Bioshocks and your Fezzes and your Suda51 titles? Yeah, some dude who made a game solely to scream to the media about why they're merely outcasting the Erics and Dylans of the world into being just like Eric and Dylan with their endless slanted coverage of the media (Adam Landa, Jeff Weise, and Jared Loughner come to mind) managed to open up more avenues regarding games as opposed to your average RPG. Well, in the mainstream. In droves

Then again, hearing Jack Thompson try to give the audience a reason as to why video games need to be regulated (despite being a "recovering libertarian" and not advocating government censorship of other forms) is hilarious.
½ January 22, 2013
Excellent doc. about video games, violence, censorship, and the media.
March 14, 2012
While I appreciated the message in this movie about how Video Games are not to blame for murders. I didn't agree with anything else. It's asinine what Danny Ledonne did. He made a video game reenacting Columbine! I feel for the family members of the victims and perpetrators. And I feel for people who are misinformed of Columbine and played "Super Columbine Massacre RPG" and thought that it was fun. It isn't.
February 14, 2012
Anyone with a love for gaming needs to see this documentary.
February 11, 2012
Playing Columbine was a fantastic documentary that I can certainly recommend, especially for people who enjoy good thought producing documentaries.
July 19, 2011
Very interesting documentary!
July 10, 2011
Knowing nothing about this groundswell of provocative independent games I expected this Netflix Instant impulse viewing to be some sort of self-righteous autofellatio session but it's was way, way, waaaay more interesting and geniunely thought-provoking than I could ever imagine.

Probably the surprise of the year for me so far.
½ June 14, 2011
Excellent doc. about video games, violence, censorship, and the media.
½ May 8, 2011
It's not entirely sure whether it wants to be an legitimate examination of the issues brought up or simply be one man's experience, but it works as a rallying cry.
½ December 11, 2008
Wonderfully provocative; downright fascinating. No documentary in recent memory has given me so much to think about.
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