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½ July 14, 2014
Great show. Started off a little shaky but it keeps getting better
September 3, 2011
Pretty Okay romance with a happy ending.
December 6, 2010
I had never heard of this movie before it showed up on LMN. What an overlooked gem. Joanne Kelly is simply adorable!
½ March 29, 2009
I'd rather watch Wipeout
March 29, 2009
Very cute movie and can be emotional for those in similar situation. It is always on TV and yet I still catch myself watching bits of it every time.
December 21, 2008
One of my favorite movies ever.
December 20, 2008
I loved this movie!! It's heart warming, and the sound track is a total bonus to the movie.. I think one of the importance of chick flick movie is the choice of sound tracks. I loved the part when the friend said "I feel like Julia Roberts" hahah.. that's totally what I thought to myself. Lol. Hey it's like Julia Roberts. Good choice on the actor who played Calvin.
½ December 4, 2008
koselig jentefilm ;)
½ May 10, 2008
cute, funny, made me laugh out loud a few times, even makes you think...
March 1, 2008
I loved it! It was a definite chick flick but it's so cute! i cried!!!
February 16, 2008
this movie is amazingly cute.. def a chick flick very romantic and i cried like 3 times!! one of my top 10 favorites
January 20, 2008
cute movie, pretty good. i like the part where he measures her belly each month with a silhoutte. so cute!
January 5, 2008
Absolutely loved this movie.
November 30, 2007
This movie seems to always be on tv right after a break-up...i bawled my eyes out first time i saw it. it was too sweet.
½ November 30, 2007
This was such a cute movie, a little typical but was still enjoyable. Always enjoy a good chick flick.
½ July 16, 2007
This was a funny, and not overly sweet, comedy about a couple and their unplanned pregnancy.
(QuickFlix, 25/03/07)
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