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½ February 8, 2017
Typical 80's teen comedy. Unbelievable situations, cornball laughs, outlandish fashion, and great music. Watched this for Marisa Tomei - I think it was her first movie. She's okay, but doesn't have a big role. Not really worth your time unless you are a big Tomei fan like me.
½ June 13, 2016
Recent high school graduates find purpose in life when they remodel a dilapidated resort. Although hardly memorable, its one of the better teen sex comedies of the 1980s.
½ December 12, 2014
when I was a kid it was 1 of my favorite movies!!
½ January 5, 2014
Dated '80s film with good music and one of the first starring roles for Marisa Tomei. It's only worth watching for her first starring role in films, although she only showed off a miniscule of her amazing talents in this film that she would later showcase in MY COUSIN VINNY and her subsequent work after that. In fact, she was the only actor under the age of 25 in this film who has a career as an actor. The film's heart is in the right place- but it's a bad, ineffective movie- poorly written, not well acted and not well thought-out.
December 9, 2012
A good, forgotten film. Not quite as good as the likes of Ferris Bueller, Breakfast Club or Sixteen candles... but it's still a pretty fun watch.
November 29, 2011
Playing for Keeps (1986) -- [4.0] -- Miramax moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein directed and cowrote this uninspired teen comedy about three high school graduates who transform a dilapidated bed & breakfast into a hip & happening getaway for young people. It's like leftovers from half a dozen John Hughes and John Cusack movies.
½ October 11, 2011
a dreamers movie for friends.
½ October 4, 2011
a dreamers movie for friends.
Super Reviewer
January 28, 2011
An interesting teen movie from the 80s, not one of the best, but it's not one of the worst either. I saw it on TV a while ago, and it was okay.
March 30, 2009
one of the best 80's movies ever made
March 16, 2009
the acting by van go-go was amazing!!!
March 16, 2009
The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ March 16, 2009
Okay. So this just goes to show that you can write and direct one movie that is completely out of tune with the youth of the 80's and still manage to be the most successful people in Hollywood. I kept wanting just one montage of them cleaning up the hotel...i got like 10 all of which should've been moved into one. Also Maris Tomei; Always hot.
November 22, 2008
Funny and entertaining
½ September 17, 2008
This movie is one I remember watching a lot as a kid. A teen movie about a couple of kids from Brooklyn who try to open up a rock Nâ?? Roll hotel in a small town. The type of film that was popular to be made in the 80â??s usually playing on cable ikept renting this form the library.

This film is just what you would expect the small town doesnâ??t accept them there is a clash of cultures the evil greedy small town government that is working against them which Iâ??m guessing is supposed to represent the man, the evil empire that the young kids are rebelling against to try and make it and still keep there integrity. Even if in the end they have to use there old Brooklyn street smarts and ingenuity to succeed. Though everything is solved in a Scooby doo type way. Also I donâ??t know if a hotel exclusive for teenagers would fly where would they get the money plus if under 18 wouldnâ??t you need parents permission I could see it more as a youth hotel. Everyone gets to live out there dream.

There is still even the popular music montage that is supposed to represent that a certain amount of time has gone by. In this world there is a multicultural mix of kids working together which means Italian, Jewish and one black guy.

The film is note worthy for two reasons itâ??s one of the first starring roles of Marisa tomei. Who is cute and perky here showing a fraction of the talent she would show in future roles. The second is that this film was directed by Harvey and bob Weinstein yes the same Weinstein brothers who ran both Miramax films and dimension films. And who now run the Weinstein brothers film company. Which is funny considering that now they release oscar winning films.

All in all this film isnâ??t horrible itâ??s pretty entertaining itâ??s not aged well but it follows sort of the same path of the show northern exposure a fish out of water scenario. Just like that show this film probably would have played better as a pilot for a tv show where you could follow there adventures running this hotel and the many different characters clashing with the townfolk or make it like fantasy island and have the characters mix with guest stars who come to stay at the hotel.

In the end itâ??s a cute film worth renting but only if your really into 80â??s films
½ September 12, 2008
Little known 80s movie that is actually pretty entertaining.
July 31, 2008
I watched this film when i was about ten an i still think its quality lol
June 27, 2008
i liked this movie...very what if its bad...its a classic cheesy formula and it works lol
½ March 12, 2008
Gay movie, but Marisa Tomei is great.
½ February 17, 2008
Makes you want to jump into the movie and starting playing their games right away
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